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What Do I Need Camping Gear For My Dog For Anyway?
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What Do I Need Camping Gear For My Dog For Anyway?

Do you usually go camping during the Summer with your family? What about your dog? Ever taken him camping with you and the family? He is part of the family too!

At least in my house our dogs are considered part of the family. Bringing your dog camping with you is actually not too bad of an experience fact, your dog can be quite entertaining at camp! Especially if you are really roughing it and camping out in the "rustic" areas where there is not any electrical hookups for a TV or other modern gadgets!

What do I need camping gear for my dog for anyway? Oh, for Pete's sake, just why do I need camping gear for my dog? I just bring the dog along with us, and it will be just fine, right?

Although the camping trip may turn out fine even if you do not bring extra camping stuff for your dog, chances are, you will regret not bringing something along that you forgot...such as a toy or something for the dog to do while you are trying to relax, but instead your dog is bugging you to play fetch with him!

Camping Checklist

  • Food and water bowls-collapsible ones are really handy to have!
  • Leashes
  • Tie-out cables
  • Tie-out stake
  • Dog food-plan how long you will be gone camping and bring enough for the amount of food your dog usually eats and store it in a waterproof container
  • Dog bed-I would recommend one that has a waterproof bottom and is machine washable!
  • First-aid kit for dogs and one for people too!
  • Water
  • Dog toys or chew toys
  • Dog treats

Yes, I know, seems like a lot more stuff to have to pack up just for your dog to go camping and have to drag along with you, not to mention all of you and your family's stuff too. If you have kids, it can be quite a challenge fitting all their stuff in whatever vehicle you are using to get there, especially if you do not have a camper or RV and are also packing up a tent along with everything else!

But, believe me, it just looks like a lot of stuff on the list! They are all relatively small items. Plus, it depends on how many days you plan on being gone for some of it such as the dog food and water. The fewer days you will be gone, the smaller the containers you can bring of food and water.

Avoid visitors

No, I do not mean to avoid people! What I mean are the unwanted, furry, and maybe not quite so friendly visitors! Bears, coyotes, raccoons, and even wolves can be quite unwelcome in your campsite, especially if they are helping themselves to your food or your dog's food!

It is a very good idea to keep all of your food in airtight containers and coolers. Make sure to put everything away before going to sleep for the night, even the dog food. If you are using only a tent, I would suggest to put these in your vehicle.

Otherwise, you just may have a surprise guest visiting you in the middle of the night! I myself, would rather avoid these types of visitors and take the time to put anything that may attract them away properly.

So, if you are planning on going on a camping trip with your dog this year, make sure to go prepared...or at least as prepared as you can possibly be, and it will usually turn out to be a lot more enjoyable!

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Hi Sherry! Yes I agree with you. How can we left our family behind. :)

  about 9 years ago

Hi Cena, Thanks for reading and leaving a comment! I'd feel too guilty and be worried about them the whole time we're gone.

  about 9 years ago
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