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What Makes A Lap Dog A Lap Dog
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What Makes A Lap Dog A Lap Dog

The hardest words I have to say each morning is that Lap Time is over. Time for me to get up and get to work.

And time for you to get down.

Today was especially hard as no one else was home. Family was all off in different directions—Grand Kids to James to go to the Circus, others off to work or working on Great Grand Ma’s dock.

So that left Aurora, our Great Dane, and me “Home Alone”

Each and every one of us has a favorite pet. Some like dogs. Some like cats. Some even have pigs. I do not even know what else.

I have always favored Great Danes. Big Danes.

My idea of a dog is one that I do not have to bend over to pet and a Dane fits that description. But while I have had several Danes over the 35 years of my Marriage (big dogs unfortunately don’t live that long), I have never had one that thought it was a Lap Dog—-until now.

Every morning I sit on the couch watching the news and this Blue/Grey mass walks up on the couch—she does not need to jump— and plops herself down right in the middle of my lap—all 100 plus pounds of her. And this morning she just did not want to get up.

I knew, she knew, that when I went down to work in the chicken houses she would be left alone.

Great Danes hate to be alone. They are part of the family. I know that everyone says that about their dog but look it up on the internet and you will learn that Dane’s, big as they are, think that they are part of the Family—-Human. Aurora believes that she is one of the Girls—the Grand Kids Kaitlyn and Allie. Play too rough with them and Aurora will be between you faster then any cat.

So when I told her Lap Time was over it was like telling your child it was time to get down so you could go off to work. With a Dane there is no crying but the look is just the same…. Danes may even look more pitiful then kids when they don’t get there way. You know the “look”—how could you—not now—one more minute and on and on.

But work needs to be done. Great Danes and Grand Kids eat a lot of food and have so many needs. So off to work I went.

The only question was—-what would I find when I got back up to the house??

Pray for me. I’ll pray for you.

(And Pray for the pillows in our house)


Street Talk

Cute story James. My lap dog is an 11 pound Bichon Frise. Little or big, they love us with all their heart.

  about 9 years ago
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