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Whats Involved When Potty Training A Puppy
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Pet ownership is a big responsibility.  Owning a pet such as a dog is a big commitment.  Part of that commitment involves proper training and that starts as soon as you bring that cute puppy home.  The first thing that any puppy owner will need to teach their puppy is to go potty.  No matter what your plans are for that cute puppy potty training is a must.  When you get your new puppy it is usually between 8 to 12 weeks old.  At this early stage your puppy still needs to do a lot of growing.  Although you want to potty training your puppy as quickly as possible remember he is quite young. At this stage your puppy does not have the ability to control his peeing and pooping for too long.

So what is involved when you are trying to potty train a puppy?  For one thing hopefully you did  a bit of research before you just, on a whim, went and got a puppy.  Each breed has their own oddities which you should be aware of.

Hopefully you have done some research on the different methods that one can use to potty train a puppy and have decided on which method you are going to implement.  Also depending on which method you are going to use to potty train your puppy you need to make preparations by buying the necessary items for potty training. These items may include a crate, puppy pads and a proper cleaning agent for those accidents.  Yep as diligent as you may be accidents will happen and you should be prepared. Other items that you need that are not directly related to potty training are a collar and a leash.  If you are training your puppy to go potty outside even if you have a fenced backyard it is a good idea to put the puppy on a leash when you take him out.  By having your puppy on a leash you will have control over him.  This will help you bond and it will help you to gain the alpha leader role which is crucial in your human dog relationship. All of the above mentioned items should be purchased before you bring your new puppy home.  If you are crate training or even if you are paper training you should already have the puppy’s designated spot set up for him before you bring him home.

One of the key things when getting a puppy is to be prepared.  Once you bring the puppy home the training begins.  As mentioned earlier no matter what you have planned for this puppy the first training any dog will receive is potty training. Whatever method you have chosen the key is to follow a schedule.  Get up at the same time every day; take your new puppy to his designated area to relieve himself first thing when getting up in the morning.  Feed your puppy at the same time each day.  Take your puppy out for play and walks on a regular basis. Stick to a routine and praise your puppy when he gets it right.  Do not hit or slap or rub your puppy’s nose in a mess.  Always you positive reinforcement when doing any sort of training.  When your puppy does make a mess remove him from the room and clean up the mess. Just remember at his young age he cannot hold it for long so he is going to need to go out often.  If for some reason you cannot keep an eye on him you are best to confine him to his crate or a room.  That way if he does mess you will be aware of it and be able to clean it up. By sticking to a routine and practicing patience and praising your puppy it won’t be long before your puppy is potty trained.  

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