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What's The Most Embarrassing Thing Your Dog Has Done?
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What\'s The Most Embarrassing Thing Your Dog Has Done?

Being a dog owner for the past fifteen years has afforded me all the joy and all the sorrow that could come with being a dog owner. This post, whats-the-most-embarrassing-thing-your-dog-has-done, is some of the most horribly, laughable and outrageous things that I've seen as a dog owner.

Here's an embarrassing Muggsey story. Two summers ago, my friend from Ohio came to New Jersey to visit. We wanted to take them to the Jersey Shore so, we decided to bring Muggsey because he loved digging for shells and running around by the ocean.

There's a wooden pathway that takes you from the parking area to the beach where everyone enters and exits the beach. Well a couple girls were walking our way and were about to walk on to the wooden pathway so, I decided to let them pass us first. Just as the girls approach us, Muggsey lifts his leg a pee's all over my leg! The girls were laughing so hard! That was embarrassing I had to go home shower and change clothes!

My wife Michele represented a Dog Food Manufacturer in Ohio so, once or twice a week she would spend a few hours in pet stores like Pet Co.or Pet Smart giving out free samples of dog food. Once in a while she would take our boxer, Maggie with her. So you know people would want to pet the dog, or they ask if they could pet our dog or ask if our dog is friendly.

Well, we always said yes, because Maggie was always friendly to people! We were sort of new to dog ownership even after three years. As my father would say, you've got 1 year of experience 3 times.

A customer with her pet asks my wife if our dog is friendly and we say yes. So the two dogs sniffed each other and the other dog starts to walk away. Well, Maggie an Alfa Female, didn't give her dog the okay to leave so she whipped around growling and snarling and scared the shit out of the dog and the lady! My Wife was so embarrassed she never took Maggie with her again to work.

Here's a Copper Moment, He would get in the worst trouble, Maggie and Copper were on our farm in the yard. It was a hot summer day, Maggie was on the patio sleeping and I saw Copper over 500 feet way from our grassy area up on our driveway. I thought he had found a bike tire or a tire tube, and was playing with.

He was having a great time throwing it in the air and shaking his head. He was having a blast with this thing. I decided to see what he was playing with, as it turns out it wasn't an old tire tube, or bike tire it was a Snake! It was dead as a can be, but he didn't care he was having a good time with his new buddy Mr Snake.

Our 3 year old Maggie lived on a farm with 50 acres of corn or soybeans around us depending on the year. My wife Michele had only about a month earlier picked up a new rescue dog Copper, a 5 year old male that had been severely abused and starved. So he was just putting on weight and feeling better about his new home.

Most of the time if I left the house, I could tell Maggie to stay in the yard and watch the house. Which she always did. So as usual, I would run a few errands and come back home to find Maggie exactly where I left her. Maggie must have gone into heat while we were way from home that morning.

So, I pulled into the drive way and see Maggie and Copper coupled together in the oddest way! Maggie was walking around while Copper was facing the opposite direction while still attached to her. (if you get my drift)

That poor boy was in a jam to say the least! She wouldn't release him and she wouldn't come to me when I called her. Something she seldom did was run away, but for whatever reason she took off with Copper still attached to her! The poor dog was running backwards all around 50 acres while my Maggie was freakin out as it was the first time she had been bred. I don't think either one of them new what was going on. After Maggie was done dragging Poor Copper around by the penis, he couldn't put it away for three days. My friends were like, "what's wrong with your dog?" And I'm like well, nothing he just got dragged around by his penis.

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