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Who Else Wants A Easy Way To Teach Your Canine Tricks
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Who Else Wants a Easy Way To Teach Your Canine Tricks

Do you want your canine to perform tricks in front of family and friends but struggle with the teaching part?

Do you want to build a stronger bond between you and your canine while also acknowledging that this is not just something to do when there is nothing else to do?

This builds more of a foundation for the dogs positive behavior and their desire to please their owner. Canines are smart in many ways and even when I am at the dog shelter walking dogs, afterwards I will give a treat and praise and its like they know already the end result.

Some times a dog that's been there for a while, I will walk them back a different route but we end up back at the treat jar every time. I can see their confidence being strengthen even while this is not their normal routine.

This seems to be the canines motivation knowing the end result for performing tricks for you, and receiving a treat or praise or both most times.

Encouraging their positive behavior for these Emmy award wining tricks, they would rather have those treats any day over those funny looking trophy's.

Adult canines as well as puppies can be easily taught the following tricks as long as you straighten the proper motivation.

Trick #1 Back up-letting you know there will be no horse back rides today.

Your canine has the stay command down pact, so get a few feet away while telling them to stay. Tell them to "back up" while your walking towards them. His nature will normally have them taking a few steps back as you approach them.

If all goes smoothly, then they deserve that treat.

Trick #2 Shake-to seal the deal on a successful business agreement

Your canine can learn this one the quickest out of the rest. Command him to sit and at the same time covering a treat in your hand, wave the same hand in front of his nose and say "shake". He will most likely have laser focus on your hand because of a treat. but after few attempts, they will catch on and give you their paw,of course they are expecting their treat now, give it up.

Remember you two shook on it.

Trick #3 Roll over-so you can get the TV remote from underneath him

start by telling the dog "down" and holding a treat close to their nose, slowly waving the treat over their shoulder and his head. They normally follow it with laser focus. Then keep pulling the treat over his shoulder while he continues to follow it.

So if the roll over was performed with success, or you get the remote, give them their treat.

With persistence and practice of the action with saying "roll over" , a habit will be formed and for them, they know that treats and praise is on the way.

Trick #4 Play dead-just in case a much bigger dog is headed their way to take their treats

You can use the "roll over" trick in addition with your dog lying on its side for a few minutes.

Its suggested by most dog trainers to form a gun with your hand while saying "bang bang". Also command your dog to lie down while luring them to roll over and awarding the treat and trying to wait for a minute or two each time will come off as the action of playing dead.

Trick #5 Speak-in case you need him to tell the UPS driver that no one is home to sign for the package

If your canine barks lot, this trick could prove to be very useful. You will help them build the habit of knowing weather its time to bark or when its not right to bark. Training them to respond to the command of quiet and rewarding that positive behavior with a treat. If ht continues to bark and maybe something else has his attention, clap to get them to focus on you.

Next work on the speak command.

Create a situation that would normally get them barking. maybe the UPS driver shows up around this very time knocking on the door. Just say speak and the connection will be formed with your dog.

Reward them with a treat after completing this a few times, but again persistence and practice is key.

Be compassionate to your dog, it's possible that they might have ADD.

Street Talk

William, real good article. Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks. I did some of them with my Golden Retreiver and they worked great.

  about 1 decade ago
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