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How To Choose And Register A Domain Name
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Online business is made possible by the creation of different platforms such as websites, search engines, blogs, etc. where goods and services are exchanged for monetary value. Most of these websites have a unique name which makes them more prominent under specific search terms or keywords. These unique name is what is known as the domain name.

A domain name is a web address such as The leftmost part of intermartlink is the unique name which your website will be known by and cannot be duplicated by any other website though it may be modified by others by adding words, letters, numbers, etc to it. The right most part where we have the .com is known as the top-level domain. The .com signifies that it is a commercial organisation. There are various top-level domain examples are .net, .org, .co, .info, etc. The process of choosing and registering a domain name is very easy but need to be carefully considered because once a domain name has been chosen you may not be able to change it again.

Choosing Your Domain Name This is where one needs to pay particular attention in choosing what unique name ones website will have. Though your unique name may not necessarily be linked with the kind of business or product you want to promote, it is advisable to have a name that will be easily recognize by search engine and related with ones website keyword or theme. Another important thing is to check if the web address you are trying to choose is available. This will be done automatically by domain name registrar you are registering with.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Registrar

Support: The registrar must have a very good support system in place to help you when faced with some technical issues. It should have a contact address or e-mail or phone number and should be easily reached.

Security: There are issues where people’s website was transferred or taken over by some internet fraudsters. Your registrar must be able to protect your domain name (and website details) and provide adequate security to make sure that your website is safe.

Quality Service: Do not go for cheap registrars that do not give quality services that will add value to their hosting package. It is always better to receive quality service at a reasonable cost.

Easy Navigation: This is also important as not so many people are technically inclined to navigate through a registrar’s portal when they need help. There should be clear instructions and guide to help with technical issues.

Now you are good to register your domain name with an accredited domain name registrar of your choice and launch your website as soon as you are ready.

Registering Your Own Domain Name

Domain name can be registered through accredited domain name registrars. There are lots of registrars online but not all of them are accredited to register domain name. So you need to be sure of the site you intend registering with. The cost of registering a domain name for a year is between $3 to $13 dollars depending on the registrar. After you have registered your domain name you will need to host your website. Some of these registrars also offer web hosting services to customers.

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