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Selling Domains On Godaddy
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Almost everyone has heard of GoDaddy. Not only are they the largest domain registrar in the world, they are also famous for their controversial commercials that air every year during the Super Bowl. So, when someone is planning on buying a domain name, often times they visit GoDaddy. In fact, they serve over nine million customers every year.

While most people are familiar with purchasing domains at GoDaddy, what a lot of people don't know is that it's also possible to sell your domain names there. In fact, since they receive so many visitors to their website each day, GoDaddy can be one of the best places for selling domains due to the amount of exposure your domain names will receive.

If you want to sell one or more of your domains via GoDaddy, you have two options to choose from. The first option is their auction platform. You will need to purchase a membership in order to buy and sell domain names via GoDaddy auctions, but it is not very expensive, costing under five dollars each year. You can also find coupon codes for a discount or even codes that will make it free. Once you have have a membership, it is free to list your domains, unless you want to purchase upgrades in order to get your domains more exposure.

When selling via GoDaddy auctions, you have the option to list your domain names for a seven days up to three months. The highest price you can list your domain for is $50,000, unless you must buy a certified appraisal that appraises the domain for at least $25,000. There are a number of upgrades you can buy when listing a domain including featured category and home page listings. GoDaddy charges a ten percent commission fee on all auction sales, with a $5 minimum charge. They payout via direct deposit or Paypal.

The other option for selling domains on GoDaddy is on their premium listings. In order use this method, your domain must be registered at GoDaddy. It also must be one of the following extensions: .com, .net, .org or .co. You can list your domain for as low as $100 all the way up to $99,999. When you have your domain available for sale via their premium listings, when someone is searching for your domain, they will see that it is for sale and the price that you have it listed for. You can also receive free pricing recommendations when selling domain names on GoDaddy. These recommendations are based on several factors that include the domain length and potential commercial use.

There are a couple of things people don't like about selling domains via GoDaddy's premium listings. One of the reasons is the high 30% commission that GoDaddy charges. Another common complaint is that the length of time it takes to get paid. Payments are made by check and take 45 to 75 days after the sale to arrive to the seller.

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