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Website Name Ideas
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Website Name Ideas

So you've decided to create a website, know what it will be about, and even have some great ideas for your posts.

But what do you name your creation?

Some will say that you shouldn't spend a lot of time in coming up with a name because it’s the content and activity that will help you rank in the search engines. This may be true but…

Your website is your brainchild…your “baby” if you will. And just like naming our children or pets, sometimes not in that order, it is important to come up with the perfect name for your website. Why?

Websites Reflect the Author

Whether it’s through the name of the site or the actual posts on it, your website will, to some extent anyways, reflect who you are, as both an author and a marketer. You will include your own personal perspective on whatever it is that your site is about and your values and personality should come through.

Internet surfers search according to their preferences and the information they are seeking. There are many reasons why they might choose to continually follow a few select sites. And often that is attributable to the quality and tone the author puts into their site, which includes who you are and what you value.

You want to be seen not only as someone who can be trusted but also as someone who is honest and frank in whatever information you are providing or product you are selling. Visitors might “accidentally” land on your site but they will stay and come back because they believe in you.

A Natural Search

Whatever your niche is your website name should be reflective of that and be found naturally, or organically, by people who are searching for the information or product you are promoting. Don’t name your site something to do with cars and then write about insects…unless your website is about Volkswagen Beetles.

OK, that’s a little tongue-in-cheek, but you get the picture. There needs to be a link from your site name to your site content. So your site might actually be about Volkswagen Beetles and your content could be Beetles from the hippy years, Beetles from the current years, or even how many people can you cram into a bug (for those of you who remember those days).

Easy To Remember

You also want to ensure that your website name is easy to remember; meaning, that people might talk about it at the water cooler or fire off a text to their friend saying “You gotta check this out”. Ensure that they can remember the name as they type on their phone and that the name will be remembered once it’s received.

Also, to make it easy to remember, keep it short. This is not always possible but even if it is a longer name it still needs to have a natural flow to it and still be something that visitors can easily remember.

How hard is it to forget Nike, or DQ, or Disney? Those words typed into a search engine are going to take you to the website you are looking for. Granted, these are recognizable names and are also brand names but that is what you are attempting to do with your website.

Have Fun

In my opinion, choosing your website name is important and you should have fun deciding on what it will be. Whether you like to use pen and paper or an electronic notepad of some sort, start surfing the web, do your keyword research, and, like they say on TV…”name that tune”. Record your ideas because one of them will jump off the page or screen at you and say, “Pick me”.

I’m serious when I search for my website names but I am having fun while I do it. This is my “baby”, my creation…and I will be emotionally attached to it while I feed it. And it will reflect who I am and will be an extension of what I value.

Thanks for reading.

Street Talk

Thanks Shawn

  about 9 years ago

Very good read. Keep on keepin on Rick

  about 9 years ago

Nice and straight to the point.

  about 9 years ago

Hey, thanks. I agonize too much sometimes but I it's an agony I enjoy

  about 9 years ago
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