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What Is A Domain Name And Why Do You Need One
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What is A Domain Name And Why Do You Need One

Everyone has seen products that they are familiar with. As a child you may or may not have eaten candy, or ice cream. Perhaps you have drunk soda or had a hamburger from a famous restaurant like McDonald's or Burger King. How would you know where you got it from if they did not have names of the company associated with the product?

It would be hard to figure out where you had the last burger you ate and that you enjoyed if you did not know what the name of the company was that you got it from.

Have you ever seen an advertisement for a car or truck on tv or radio and after seeing it, how would you know what the name of the company was that advertised it?

Every company has a name in order to let customers know who they are. For example, if I say Taco Bell, you would know that I am talking about Taco Bell. If someone says Honda, we know that they are talking about Honda.

In order to keep people from being confused as to which company or product that is being talked about from that company, they are given names that are registered so no one can steal their identity.

The same is true for online businesses. There are so many different businesses out there online that it would be impossible to know what company you are dealing with if you do not know their name.

A business that is run online has a name to it. That name is called its DOMAIN NAME. It is very important that when you have a domain name that you register it. This is so that no one else can steal it from you.

What happens if I do not register my domain name? That is very simple. Someone could see your domain name and if they like it and find that your domain name is not registered, they can steal it and register it themselves and then you have to stop using that domain name or be sued by the one who stole your identity domain name.

How do I get a domain name?

The first thing you have to do is to think of a name you would like to name your company. After you have thought of one, you then need to check to see if it is being used by another person. This is very easy to do. A site I like to go to in order to register my domain names is go daddy. It is a very good website but there are others. Just click on domain name and type your domain name. Then click search. The search will check to see if anyone is using that name. If they are then you must choose another domain name. If there is no one using that name, then you can choose that name. After you are given the ok to use that domain name, then register it by choosing buy. It is that simple.

Again always check to make sure your domain is available. you do not want someone to steal your identity from you so therefore make sure you register it.

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