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Domestic Violence: Is Violence Fact Of Life
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I was listening to Dr Phil today. The show was about domestic violence.I thought I could write about that. I was married to a violent man for sixteen years. I then thought, what name was I going to use, maybe I should say that it was a good friend of mine that was abused. I realize that after all this time, and I have been divorce for 20 years and I still feel a shamed of what he did to me, I still feel guilty about things that happened .

We were married for five days, and I got my first taste of what was to come, I had drop a glass bottle of milk on the floor and the milk splashed on to his shoes, I didn't even see it coming, I landed on the floor nose frist, and then was pick up by my hair. He gave me a few more slaps and told me, I was never to break a thing in the house , it was my fault for making him angry. And that I should take care in the future. Little did I know what was to come.

I can not remember every single time he hit me, it happen very often. But there are things I do remember .

I was 6 months pregnant with my third child. He came home at about 12am drunk and very upset, I never did find out why he was upset, I do know that I nearly lost my life that night, By the time he had finished with me I was unconscious . When I woke up still on the floor and full of blood, I saw that I had lost the baby I crawled to the phone and got help. By the time I was well enough to leave the hospital. I went to the police and tried to open a case against him. I was told it was a domestic issue and that they could not do a thing. He had my two children and I had to protect them, I went back to him. I don't really want to remember , but I do.

About tree years after that, and by this time I was a wreck. It was a friday night at a bout, 1am, he came home with six of his friends. They were drinking and swearing and playing pool after about an hour it went quite. He came softly in the bedroom and pulled me out of bed . He and his friends rape me that night, I still carry the scars. Again the police said it was Domestic and they could do nothing.

Why it took me another 5 years of hell before I left I really don't know.

Things that happened after I left him ( all the threats and violence) are too numerous to mention. If you are in a violent relationship get out while you can, it gets worse.

I got remarried to a gentle, wonderful man and I thank God for him.

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