Men Love Abusing Women Why Are Women So Dumb?
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Men Love Abusing Women Why Are Women so Dumb?

The ability to abuse a woman in a relationship is one a lot of men take advantage of when they know they can get away with abusing their women in a variety of ways treating her like a doormat to serve all his wants and needs.

When abuse is present in a relationship no longer can you consider it relationship status because it's now a criminal act that many men get away with every year.

To really understand why some men love abusing women you must first understand ways you can abuse them that vary.

Abuse types

  • Verbal abuse
  • Physical abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Sexual abuse

Hot tempers flare up heating a situation to breaking point

The very first sign of an abuser would be verbal abuse that is the act of raising your voice to your partner while belittling in regards to shouting verbally abusive insults that mock them to a point of developing insecurities.

A spouse who is an abuser or a potential abuser will always start their abusive behaviors by first becoming verbally abusive that leads on to physical abuse as the second phase.

Bones shatter when pressured as we're not made out of glass

Verbally abusing a partner is one thing but when you physically attack them this now becomes a crime of assault with many of these never getting reported due to the victim living in fear of her partner. Men who attack their women usually do so due to being under intense impulses blinded by aggression when in the moment.

It's clear the male is a lot stronger than the female so simply knocking a woman in the facial area could easily break her nose, Jaw or even eye socket with little to no force, not to mention the potential danger of causing brain damage where you could cause the brain to bleed out which will end up killing your partner in a few short hours after the assault.

Emotional breakdown hitting the point of no return

Being verbally and physically abusing contribute towards emotional abuse where the victim will be overwhelmed with negative emotions that can cause hormonal changes from the inside completely affecting the victim character.

At this phase when being abused, the victim is clearly under attack where friends and family notice mostly at this part of the cycle due to the victim mood swings completely changes constantly.

Humans are emotional creatures so whatever emotions we're currently experiencing will show from our physical characteristics, functional characteristics and even operational characteristics.

At this point, the victim is emotionally unstable and is shortly away from the breaking point.

One way service, cheating or restricting sexual pleasures from a spouse

On average, Women are found to be more guilty of being sexually abusive to their partners rather than men. However, men still can become sexually abusive in a variety of tactics.

Tactic 1

The woman becomes nothing more than a sex slave who the man perceived as a sex toy believing the woman has no feelings whatsoever because her company and sexual services are to please him only while he does nothing in return but expect his sexual pleasures to be attended to.

Tactic 2

Cheating on the woman where the man will become a serial cheat cheating on his woman with other women constantly while rarely having sexual intercourse with his woman at home. In this case, the woman is mostly being exploited for other services like financially and economically supporting the man.

Tactic 3

Tactic 3 is a mixture of using the woman as a sex slave and also a doormat working together to create sexual frustrations inside the woman where she starts to crave affections from her man who isn't playing along.

Women when under this level of abuse conduct behaviors of submissive tendencies to attract their man's attention out of chance that he'll sexually pleasure her but always ends up becoming the sex slave once again as her sexual pleasures are being restricted.

Abuse is wrong and should be reported

Now that you understand abuse a lot better with these insightful perspectives you can now see how cruel they are to apply to your spouse. Having a friend or family member who you suspect is being abused should be reported because these perspectives give you an idea of what they're going through.

Why are women dumb enough to stay in a relationship with abusive men?

Many reasons can be tracked to the reasons women stick with abusive men but the leading two sources would be out of fear or pleasure. Fear you may understand but pleasure? What!

Women are not dumb as the uninformed would call them for staying with an abusive man out of fear, they really are scared of the man and by being scared this prevents them from leaving.

In many cases, women have friends who are aware that their being abused and try and support her to leave the man, but even the comfort of her friends isn't enough for many because fear has a way of removing all your self-ownership and logical sense.

This tends to result in three endings for the victim

  • The woman will be abused until the man chucks her for another woman
  • The woman finally breaks from her fear and leave the man
  • The woman will die from her abuse that's mostly from being attacked to the breaking point

Ending one will be the woman is left abandoned by her abuser where the cycle will now repeat itself because the man got away with his crimes and now a new woman is going to be the next target.

Ending two is the positive ending where she breaks free from her abuser, reports her man and now goes into the recovery process of getting back to herself away from the abusers violent ways.

Ending three is the worst case possible where the woman will die from her abuser mostly due to physical injuries she has taken from her abuse that on average is caused by being hit one to many times in the head causing the brain to bleed out and the woman to pass.

This is related to the fear source that keeps women trapped in abusive relationships.

Don't be stupid who can receive pleasure from being abused?

You may be wondering how can pleasure be linked to a woman staying with an abusive man as the idea seems far-fetched. However, it's very real.

How does this work?

Women deep within them have a subconscious need to want to be dominated by a male they perceive as dominant that varies at how strong this need is within them. Some women hate the thought of a man dominating them while other women love the thought and actually get off to it.

When this subconscious desire is active from the female hormonal system inside her, women naturally become submissive in behaviors and their body speaks to them from being sexually aroused.

For example, females naturally becoming submissive

The influence of a female experiencing the need to behave submissively occurs naturally when a man she subconsciously finds attractive has turned her on where now the woman is subconsciously behaving naturally towards the man.

The subconscious behaviors appear like the female staring at the man with wide open sparkling eyes, head bouncing slightly up and down while the body is in submission stance from the shoulders down. This is on the outside, on the inside, the female is experiencing a rush of intense emotions that is loving and sexual at the same time.

It isn't until the male notices her that she becomes consciously aware of her behaviors or if the man just ignores her then her consciousness wakes back up and she retreats.

For example, females becoming aroused

when women are sexually aroused they know because their nipples erect, their clitoris stimulates itself and their genital begin lubricating preparing itself for penetration also known as becoming wet.

Submit femininity to serve the dominate man

If a man naturally makes a woman feel submissive then he will be capable of having the woman submit to him where she will do so out of pleasure because the man makes her feel like an actual woman from the intense feelings she experiences in his presence.

Women subconsciously love submitting their femininity to a dominate man and for the women who submit it to an abuser, this is where the pleasure attraction can be found.

When women meet men who are not abusers they will submit femininity due to the way the man makes them feel where the woman is lucky but if the man is an abuser he will take advantage of the woman's emotions.

The golden tip is abusers are manipulators suppressing their true colours at first, and when they know they have the woman accustomed to their authority, this is where the abuse begins starting with verbal abuse.

Why do men want to abuse women in the first place?

Some men are just really bad people who love knowing they can have power over people by targeting their clear signs of weaknesses. However, deep within the male, there is also a subconscious need where men when they meet the right woman naturally want to dominate her.

When men come under the influence of this subconscious sense they naturally feel the need to take over and be in charge. It starts with sexual aroused mixed with intense feelings that rush through their body and this provides natural confidence for the male.

Men when in this state don't admire the woman's body at all in a lustful way, instead they sharp look her in their eyes that cause women to stop and stare back as many women are not use to seeing stranger men do this. This actually draws women in from the way the man is looking at her like a target and men are not consciously aware of this until the woman stops and stares back. It's all done subconsciously.

The individual man

All males have this deeply wired subconscious need to dominate women but just like submissive tendencies for women, the supply varies where some men experience it more intensely than others. Some men actually have a very little sense of it for the ones who are more in touch with their feminine side.

What makes a man into an abuser commonly is his upbringing. This means if he saw abuse as a child like most likely his mother being abused than he'll be more in favour of becoming an abuser himself as he matures into adult life as to him it becomes normal once you're exposed to abuse at an alarming rate.

Final thoughts

A lot of people will never understand how anyone could really receive pleasure from being abused but if you use adult content, for example, in regards to kink, you can see the evidence where certain men and women love being dominated by others of the same gender or their counterpart gender.

I hope this has raised your awareness to what abuse is and even helped you understand yourself even better in regards to your natural gender heritage.

If you would like more on abuse topics then you should check out this post that explains how women employ sexual abuse on men that's actually a progressively used tactic from the art of female manipulation.

If you have any questions then feel free to leave a comment below and I'll respond. Also, if you have been abused yourself then feel free to share your experience if you're comfortable with it.

Thanks for reading.


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