An Eye - Opener For Those Who Overlook The Importance Of Garage Door Maintenance
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An Eye  -  opener For Those Who Overlook The Importance Of Garage Door Maintenance

Garage door refuses to open? Garage door opener fails to work? Broken garage door cables? This is not ALL … there are numerous other garage door problems that you may encounter – on a regular basis, once in a week or in a month. Tell me the very first thing that you do after finding a faulty garage door … Mmmm .. let me guess - Damn you garage door! Or there may be some other ''Nice Words'' that you use for your door.

Don't mind me saying, but, you cannot blame the garage door for not performing well. It's totally your fault – Yes, YOURS. Wondering Why? Like every other mechanical device you own, your garage door and its opener also require periodic inspection and maintenance to ensure safe, smooth and reliable operation. A garage door works consistently for you, protecting your belongings and for this, it just demands a little care and maintenance. Well, if you think it's too much the door's asking for, then you need to wait. Wait for the technology that makes your door, walk and talk and in need call the professional itself to get the faulty parts fixed or replaced...HAHA.

Jokes apart, we are not here to talk about the technology that makes our doors, self-dependent, rather we are here to discuss why garage door repair and maintenance is utmost important. Let's have a look at the telephonic conversation between the two friends and decide whether garage doors need regular attention or not.

The telephonic conversation starts between Roger & Jeff:

Roger – Hello Jeff, how are you doing my friend?

Jeff – Roger, please help me, my garage door is not working. It only opens halfway, then stops. I need to get my car, I am running late for my office, my boss will kill me. Please help, please!

Roger – Jeff, first you relax okay. Let me think of something. Mmmm... check the battery of the door remote, maybe it needs to be replaced.

Jeff – I replaced them 2 days before, think of something else please. But, Hurry!

Roger – I guess it is something that you can't handle ...there might be some issue with the door springs or the cable. You must call Dormaster Garage Doors & Windows.

Jeff – Listen Roger, I don't have time, I can't wait 2 or 3 hours for the technicians to come and fix this garage door.

Roger – Jeff, they aren't like those amateur garage door repair and maintenance companies that you find in Canada. They are a leading garage door service provider with same day and 24 hour professional emergency services. Just make them a call and they will reach you within a few minutes. Moreover, their technicians are always equipped with the latest techniques and branded garage door parts that allow them to complete the service job in a timely and discreet manner.

Jeff – Roger, the companies providing same day service, charge a lot of money. You know, I just bought a new car, I can't afford such an expensive service.

Roger – Jeff, you won't believe me, but Dormaster Garage Doors & Windows provides the most affordable services. They never provide an estimate over the phone, rather they will personally inspect the problematic areas to provide an accurate estimate. And the best part is – There are no hidden costs.

Jeff – But what if they need to replace the spring or cable? Will they be able to do that at the moment?

Roger – Yes, they stock all types of garage door parts. In case, you don't want the replacement right away, they will try to resolve the issue for the time and then you can schedule for the replacement whenever you get time.

Jeff – Yeah, now that sounds good! Okay, I will call them, you text me their contact details.

Roger – Yeah sure, call them and I assure you that they will show up within a few minutes. They are the best garage door service providers in Canada.

Jeff – And you are my best friend in Canada ...HAHA. Okay bye for now. I'll call you once the issue is fixed.

Roger – Yeah sure, bye.

Garage door is the heaviest moving object of your home or office. What do you think why Jeff had such an issue with its garage door? It is because he overlooked its importance and maintenance. Maintenance is the key to get an efficient and reliable garage door. Just like you maintain other mechanical things of your home or office, pay due attention to the garage door as well.

Dormaster Garage Doors & Windows provides an array of professional solutions for broken garage door springs, frayed cables, off track doors and many other garage door problems in Canada. Feel free to contact us anytime to avail the top-notch garage door service.

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