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Ever Wondered What The Long Term Effects Of Weed Are?
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Ever Wondered What The Long Term Effects Of Weed Are?

Have you ever wondered what the long term effects of weed are? With the popularity among using this drug for recreational purposes, you'd think by now, folks would have a fair idea of what the repercussions could be from using this over a pro-longed period of time.

Just take a look around the web and you'll be able to find plenty of forums from former smokers, sharing their own stories about how it is they went through the trials and tribulations of quitting smoking the stuff, and yet there's still a ton of folks turning to this substance time and time again.

All too often, it's being considered as just one those recreational things that you do with your mates at the weekend. The problem is that this is just the start of it. Things can progress fairly quickly.

From a couple of smokes at the weekend with your mates, and the next thing you know, you're smoking it at the start of the week at the very beginning of your day.

That's the start of a dependency that can start to form and that's only one of the effects the drug can have.

To top that, you're going to experience some memory problems. That's one of the effects of marijuana that nearly every pot smoker is able to agree on. Maybe not the dependency factor, but for sure you can speak to anyone that has used this substance for a period of time and 99% of the time, they're going to tell you...

"Yes! It has an impact on your memory. "

Besides that there's also some other health concerns that affect your day to day living. Especially in regards to your mental health.

Whether they're linked to the drug has yet to be proven but there's certainly far too many reports to brush those health concerns off as a "Coincidence."

Too many folks who have been using marijuana over a long period of time are suffering from symptoms like depression. Some of the conditions are more severe, like bipolar disorder and other more chronic forms of depression.

So mental health problems are going to be considered as among one of the most common long term effects of weed.

Then there's some other issues that have to be factored in as well. Take the respiratory problems that you might have heard of.

Something that is mostly considered to be a factor among tobacco smokers. It would seem fairly obvious that the use of marijuana is going to be attributed to a lot of the health concerns that exist among the smoking community. After all, most users will smoke cigarettes and other tobacco products as well. There is the minority who will only smoke cannabis and not touch a cigarette. Still, there's still an element of tobacco involved.

We all know that smoking is going to have a severe impact in your health. If you don't know that, try and get an insurance quote as a smoker and then get another quote for yourself when you state you're a non-smoker. That'll show you the difference in the risk you post to an insurance company.

That's just for smoking tobacco products.

What do you think is going to happen when you start to mix the chemicals you are inhaling into your body with every puff?

You're going to be significantly increasing the risk to your health. Putting yourself in a position of being a higher risk to illnesses such as conditions of the lung, like emphysema and other similar health problems.

Then there's the other less significant problems, although they will still take an impact on your day to day living.

Here's a list of common problems reported among marijuana smokers as well as previous studies which have been carried out...

  • lathargy
  • general loss of interest in life
  • lack of motivation
  • concentration problems
  • irritability
  • increased tension
  • memory loss
  • mood swings

After looking over some of the known long term effects of weed, you may want to think twice before you light up again.

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