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Is Marijuana Addicting?
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If you've smoked weed for an amount of time, there will probably be a point where you find yourself asking "is marijuana addicting?

There's usually good cause to ask yourself that question and probably do a bit of research on it to find out more about the addictive nature of marijuana.

The problem with researching the issue surrounding "is marijuana addicting?" online is that there are so many activists groups that have their own message to convey. This usually focuses around the legalization issue. So finding the truth out about marijuana and it's addictiveness, can take some time digging around the possible thousands of both scientific and social studies that's been performed over the years.

So here's the skinny on "is marijuana addicting?"

The studies that we've researched since January of this year all show that the substance is not habit-forming. With that being said this was the scientific reports suggesting this. In particular the THC that's found in the narcotic. This isn't addictive, nor is the hundreds of other cannabinoids found in weed.

With that being said,

The social studies indicate a different story altogether. There are thousands of folks every year that are checking into marijuana detox clinics just for the sole purpose of being able to stop smoking the drug.

So this seems to fly in the face of every scientific study that's been done in the past to find the answer to the question. "is marijuana addicting?"

Scientists say yes, while users of the drug end up in rehab to kick the habit it's formed.

What are you meant to do? Is it true of simply another myth.

So we dug around the scene a little bit more to explore the reality of what was happening in the dark world of drug abuse and find out what was addicting in weed, to shed some light on the issue.

What we found out was not what we expected. The weed addiction dilemma is not all a concoction of myths thrown together as a scare factor to get folks into detox clinics.

There is a real issue going on here. It's got nothing to do with the chemicals your inhaling into your body. It's the effects of weed that is leading people to believe they're addicted to weed.

Here's the kicker though. They're actually not. It's what psychologists are reporting as a psychological dependency. Something the complete opposite of a chemical addiction. A dependency dealt with through will power, understanding your habits and dealing with the triggers.

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