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Marijuana Addiction Symptoms And Signs To Look For
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Ever wonder if someone's addicted to weed? There's a few things you can look out for that resemble some marijuana addiction symptoms. When you start to see several of them appear in somebody, it's a fairly rough guesstimate that they could have a sort of dependency to weed.

Here's some of the stuff that might help to look out for.

Don't know if you know but, one of the effects that marijuana causes is to give a boost to a persons appetite. Pot smokers call it the “munchies”. It's just as it sounds and when someone gets high on weed they get this quite often.

You may remember in your younger days having sleepovers or the like and waiting up for a midnight feast. That's kinda like the life of a pot smoker. They get the craving for that feast whenever their high on cannabis. Not all of the time but fairly often.

Having an unhealthy amount of snacks and pizzas being delivered at all hours with uncontrollable urges to eat a heck of a lot of junk food is one of the few marijuana addiction symptoms.

One of the other marijuana addiction symptoms to be on the look out for is what folks call “the giggles” Just as it sounds (similar to the “munchies”) when someones high on pot they'll go into fits of laughter for no apparent reason.

You could be sitting watching the most serious of programs on TV, or having a heart to heart conversation with someone and they'll out of the blue go into a burst of laughter. They know it's inappropriate but the effect the drug has, causes this. If their high it's out-with their control.

When you find yourself trying to talk to someone that you're concerned about and they can't control their laughter, or giggle like a big kid would do, and they struggle to keep a straight face then that could be another of the marijuana addiction symptoms.

Especially if your trying to offer some help to them and they laugh at your efforts time and again and continually apologize for their inappropriate behaviour.

On the other side of the fence there's some darker marijuana addiction symptoms to be weary of in a person. There's quite a few reports been done of the long term effects of weed and one that crops up time and again is related to a persons mental health.

Some reports claim that people subjecting themselves to the effects of weed can become unusually aggressive. Displaying mood swings. Angry ones at that, and it can be for the most persnickety of things and they could go off on a tantrum.

If this sort of behaviour is persistent in someone using cannabis and they don't address the issues then it would certainly point to one of the marijuana addiction symptoms that they should look to address. Depression is a common problem among long term marijuana smokers.

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