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Marijuana And Depression
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Marijuana And Depression

Ever think about how marijuana and depression seem to go hand in hand? It's an illness that a lot of people have trouble with and there's debate about whether it's the cannabis that can cause depression or not.

Some people will argue til' their blue in the face that marijuana doesn't cause depression, while others will take the opposite stand point on the subject.

There's no real evidence to suggest either way as it's one of these things that just seems a bit coincidental for as many people to have depression and also smoke weed.

The only studies to be carried out so far indicate that depression can be an illness that's contributed to from smoking marijuana. It's believed that the risk is higher in teenage marijuana smokers.

That's because of the receptors in the brain, still developing in folks teenage years and the effects of weed, will start to hamper there development.

The end result is that their education suffers, job satisfaction becomes an issue in later life as well as relationship problems, which all lead to people feeling depressed.

That's what's thought to be the link between marijuana and depression and it's more related to people who start smoking it at an early age.

All the same, there's others who have been smoking pot for years and not been troubled with depression. Although, it has to be said that among those who do smoke weed and have done for an extensive time frame, the chances are high that the vast majority of people will have had problems with depression at one point or the other.

At first, it can seem like the marijuana is helping you to lift your mood. It works as a sort of mood enhancer, helping you to lighten up and start expressing interest in things like you perhaps used to before the depression kicked in.

It's only masking the problem though. It'll provide temporary relief from the symptoms of depression but eventually it will catch up with you and your depression will become harder to manage. Without the right sort of help from a medical professional anyway.

Whether it be your own GP, or perhaps a psychologist you end up seeing to help you cope with depression.

It's better to get the right support in place for depression treatment, rather than trying to go alone, using marijuana as a sort of self prescription for beating the blues.

While marijuana and depression might seem like they go hand in hand, you can still go on to quit smoking weed and get the right treatment in place to treat the root cause of your depression without having to rely on weed to get you through your days.

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D Cassidy  

The effects of marijuana are based on the strain that is used. There are 2 different marijuana plants - sativa and indica. One will give the patient a relaxed mental state and the indica will give the patient a relaxed body high.

  about 9 years ago
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