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The Effects Of Marijuana Vs Alcohol
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The Effects Of Marijuana Vs Alcohol

Having mentioned in a previous post about the effects of weed and how some younger people tend to see it as a healthier alternative to alcohol, this is going to be about the effects of both alcohol and marijuana, and from there, people should be able to see the side by side comparison and decide for themselves which is or isn't healthier.

Lets' start with alcohol first as that's quite a popular one for younger folks.

The effects of alcohol, when took in large quantities is going to intoxicate you. When your intoxicated, anything can happen, especially if you've drunk really excessively. You might have done it yourself at some point.

Binge Drinking!

You work all week, or study and come the weekend you just want to get absolutely hammered, smashed...or whatever you want to call it. You go out and drink a power at a party. Wake up the following day, oblivious to what happened the night before. You remember bits of the night, but for the most part, there's one drink you remember putting to your mouth and the rest of the nights a blur.

It's not something everyone does, but among younger folks it's quite common to get into states like this at the weekends. Something that causes problems in society in general, with anti-social behavior being rife.

The thing with "Binge Drinking", is that it isn't a healthy way to consume alcohol and that's the reason behind some people getting themselves into states where they don't recall what happened the night before.

If you're going to be consuming alcohol, it's better to drink moderate amounts. A glass of wine with your dinner, maybe down the pub after work for a couple of pints. Not by saving up your money and going out to get completely drunk at the end of the month.

The Effects Of Alcohol On The Liver

As you'll probably know that the effects of alcohol on the liver can be quite devastating.

You've got

  • ALD, which is the term for an alcoholic liver disease.
  • Fatty Liver
  • Hepatitis
  • and cirrhosis

With cirrhosis being the most serious of health concerns of the liver.

On top of those the added problems when people have drunk excessively to the point their vomiting. There's the possibility of unconsciousness occurring and even when you are you can still vomit and people have been known to die from choking on their own vomit.

That's why you should drink in moderation and not "Binge Drink". Although moderate drinking can lead to heavier drinking, which will increase the risk of developing any of the conditions mentioned above.

So the effects of alcohol aren't looking like a healthy choice of substance to be consuming.

Let's take a look at the effects of marijuana...

The side effects of weed is something that's sort of not spoke about much. There's people who have smoked it for years with no problems but there's others who have had their fair share of health problems from smoking weed consistently.

The drug itself is something that is beginning to be used to aid patients going through chemotherapy. It helps to increase patients appetite and minimize the vomiting that can occur as a result of the treatment. That's for medicinal use though.

For people who use it for recreational purposes, or social reasons, there's sometimes a few ill side effects can occur. Although it is normally after pro-longed use of the drug.

In saying that, it has to be mentioned first that there's been a lot of studies done and some of these aren't proven to be an effect of marijuana but instead, they're a common occurrence among folks smoking pot.

Take depression. That's something that a lot of people who smoke marijuana are troubled with. Yet it's not been proven to be linked to the drugs use. What is though is the feel good factor the drug provides. So smoking it is going to help remedy the symptoms of depression, which could be a reason why a lot of people smoke it.

Then there's the condition of the lungs.

  • Emphysema
  • COPD
  • Chronic Bronchitis

...among other conditions that effect the lungs.

It's the smoking that brings these problems to surface. Not the actual drug.

However, with new strains of legal buds being brought to the market, people who are smoking synthetic weed are at even more risk of developing health problems as there's so many additives being mixed with it. So you have to be careful and know what you are putting into your bloodstream, nowadays as there's an even higher risk to your health with non-organic marijuana.

Despite it being something that gives a natural high, it's also something that can lead to a dependency. A psychological one, anyway.

There's no real withdrawal symptoms from quitting weed, but it is tough to give up a habit which you enjoy. That's another problem with smoking weed, despite it's pros and cons, it can become a troublesome drug to be using.

As you'll can see from above, the both substances have their downsides. You can make your own conclusions from there about which you think is the healthier choice. Personally I don't think any of them are. And the things mentioned above are just touching on the subjects. There's a lot more effects to both substances.

You can add your own opinions, beliefs etc. by leaving your feedback below.

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