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The Effects Of Smoking Weed
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The effects of smoking weed will be different for every person that experiments with the drug. Some will enjoy the almighty high feeling of the buzz the drug creates, while others are frightened slightly with the effects from smoking marijuana.

One of the sinister effects that smoking weed will do, is create an overwhelming feeling of paranoia when used for a pro-longed period of time.

It is one of the major attributions to illnesses such as schizophrenia and other mental health disorders.

At the same time though there are folks that have smoked dope for years and aren't subjected to the nasty side effects that the herb can produce, but rather use the drug to enhance a feeling of relaxation.

That isn't to say if you haven't tried smoking weed to go ahead and try it out as that is by no means advisable. You are best to steer clear of abusing any substance.

The thing with weed is that is said to not be addictive in nature and there have been extensive studies performed into the subject which back that claim up. That doesn't leave the issue as “case closed” it ain't addictive.

The effects of smoking weed vary from person to person and for those users that already have an addictive personality then there is going to be an addictive side to using the substance.

The THC (chemical found in smoking weed) may not be physically addictive, but try telling that to your body when you need a suppressant to calm your nerves.

You're going to find yourself reaching for the drug more and more to experience the high. That is just as dangerous of an addiction than any.

The difference is...with this one you are able to get the weed addiction help and support to get off the drug, without the need for intervention by clinical rehab centers, as the effects of smoking weed aren't going to give you severe withdrawal symptoms. You can approach things in a different way by tackling the psychological addiction to weed.

The effects of smoking weed are the addictive counterpart of the drug. The chemicals provide the high and the emotions of the user is what leads to a weed addiction.

You may already have tried to quit smoking weed and not had much luck with it, and the probable reason could be a couple of things. Either you are trying for the wrong reasons. Such as because someone else wants you to get off the pot,


You may just not have put the proper preparation in place to deal with the side effects of smoking weed when you suddenly cut the dope out of your life.

Preparation is critical.

Grab the bull by the horns and stop letting the effects of smoking weed control your life, hop on over to and let us show you the best way to quit smoking weed.

Street Talk

Do you have any scientific evidence to back up your personal claims? "Weed" is medicine for many, many people. Without added pesticides and such, it has been proven, over and over, to be safer than pharmaceutical drugs. Science News had a smart article about the amazing medical benefits of Cannabis not too long ago (mid 2012). The article made the front cover. According to the article, Cannabis causes cancerous brain tumors to, "commit suicide." GW Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to research in this field. I've spoken to neurologists and other medical specialists about neuropathy and other types of pain, as well as nausea and even depression, who have each personally told me if they could prescribe Cannabis they most certainly would. Some people have negative side-effects, such as paranoia, and they should stay away from this herb, but to compare it with additive 'street drugs' is altogether ignorant. I would encourage you to study a bit and inform yourself about this commonly used herbal.

  about 9 years ago
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