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What Weed Does To Your Brain
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What Weed Does To Your Brain

For those of you who smoke marijuana frequently, you might have be wondering or perhaps thought about what weed does to your brain. It's something people ask quite often and perhaps it's because of the effects of weed, that has them wondering if their behavior is related to the effects of weed.

In light of that, this article is going to go over the effects of weed on the brain and hopefully give you an insight into why it is that you might be affected by some of the problems marijuana can create.

First off, let's go over what it is weed does to your brain and why it might be affecting you.

When you smoke marijuana, there's quite a few chemicals going into your blood stream. By smoking it, you're increasing the speed it takes to reach your brain receptors.

The effects are due to the cannabanoids which are found in marijuana. Along with them the THC which is the most active ingredient found in cannabis.

When they reach your brain they start to effect your central nervous system, causing interference with the way your body reacts to different situations. The effects of weed on your brain neurons causes them to do the opposite of what they're supposed to do.

As one example, you might find that when you're stoned you can't remember much about what happened earlier. Normally when everything is functioning properly, you can recall what happened earlier in the day. When you're stoned things are different though. You often can't remember later on what you had for breakfast that day.

That's because, normally you would try to recall and your brains receptors would pick on your memory receptor, allowing you to recall memories. Under the influence of weed, the opposite happens and you can't. That's where the short term memory loss that you often hear about occurs as a side effect of smoking weed.

Tetrahydrocannibol, the most active ingredient in cannabis, is only one of the many chemical compounds in marijuana. The total number of chemicals which can be traced in the drug is over 400. Of that 400 chemical compounds, there are around 60 of them referred to as being cannabanoids.

Cannabanoids are another active ingredient that produces the effects. It happens when the drug is metabolized in your body or during the extraction process from the cannabis sativa plant.

These affect you because your brain has parts of them that are called cannabanoid receptors. It's these receptors that control how you

  • Think about things,
  • Remember things,
  • Control your movements
  • ...and Affect your concentration.

All of which can be attributed to as being some long term effects of weed.

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D Cassidy  

Though there is research being done more often than before, there is no certainty that marijuana is bad or good when smoked. But there is a lot of research done on marijuana being vaporized. Very interesting reads on PubMed that are about the latter. Great articles my friend! Have been reading several thus far. Keep it up!

  about 9 years ago
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