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How Does E-Book Revolution Change Our Lives?
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How Does E-Book Revolution Change Our Lives?

Do you know that some of the big writers like Stephen King and Dan Brown have been releasing some of their products just as a digital copy in 21st century? For example; in 2000, Stephen King offered his book "Riding the Bullet" in digital format only, so it can only be read without paper and ink. In 2009, Dan Brown released his new book “The Lost Symbol” and on its first day, it sold one million digital copies in the U.S, the U.K and Canada. With digital revolution, reading an e-book has lots of advantages and it makes the no name writer’s job easier when they share their stories with their readers.

The Lightness of Being Digital

E-book doesn’t require warehousing. All you need is just electronic “storage”. You are going to the bookstore to buy books and spending time to make selection, and then bring your stuff home. What if one day you will have not enough space to display them on your shelf? Have you ever thought about it? So, like keeping your music archive in your Mp3, you can save your e-books and newspapers in your e-reader and read it when you are on the road, on the beach or anywhere away from the comfort of your home.

Printed books kill trees, but e-books don’t... They are environmentally friendly. As bloggers of this web site, we tend to protect trees against printing novel books if we have the e-books option to read. Of course, printing media shouldn’t die, but we must preserve trees as much as we can. Sooner or later, the argument of “want the feel of a book in people’s hands” will probably disappear.

Rising Power of the Authors

With the availability of e-books, becoming a writer will be much easier than you think. If you’re new to the industry, chances are that the publishers will not easily accept and publish your first novel. They can make destructive criticism in some cases, but things are changing in a more democratic way. When your book is launched online by publishers like Amazon, your readers will decide whether it is a quality work or not. Now you have more power against traditional publishers to the extent your audience gives credit to your work.

What should we expect as readers?

E-books bring wider exposure to the English-speaking world thanks to the power of internet and the widespread use of English as universal language of communication. For instance; consider you’re living in Australia, but you would like to buy a book which is just published in U.S.A. If the book hasn’t arrived at your country yet because of distance or distribution issues, you can easily access the web-sites and look for the genres and titles of your choice. These contents are available to buy 24/7 in most cases. Don’t forget! You can find some specific writer’s or TV celebrities’ e-books as well such as Kim Kardashian’s forthcoming novel called Dollhouse which will be released on 1st of November, 2011 or Nobel Prize winner Ernest Hemingway’s books, which were published digitally. With a pocket size e-reader device on the beach you can literally have hundreds of books with you.

As we have mentioned above, we don’t discuss how to kill the printing media. However, times are changing and you need to get used to this new reading era, even if you are conservative about reading.

Stay tuned and watch the exciting developments in the world of e-books.

Street Talk

I am aware of the advantages e - books have over paper books however I experienced one important disadvantage : years ago I purchased and downloaded an e book from the internet. Then my computer was too old and I had to buy a new one. The e book was copy protected so it was not possible to copy nor transfer it to a flash disc nor to my new computer. I contacted the supplier they said this was company policy and that they could do nothing about it. So I never purhased an e book again. Because suppose a person purchases and downloads many e books. When his/her computer eventually gets very old and no longer works he / she loses all those e books because of this copy protection. I think at least a cut paste to the new computer should be permitted not to lose an expensive collection of e books. If this inconvenience is corrected e book purchases can be attractive. Otherwise it is better to stick to paper books with all their disadvantages.

  about 1 decade ago
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