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With the explosion of e-books, I do believe sky is the limit for the self publishing business and market. The reality of self-publishing gains momentum thanks to the opportunities offered by digital production and distribution of e-books at a low cost. Traditional book publishers started taking e-books and self-publishers more and more into consideration. First-time authors who face a higher rejection rate by traditional publishers have found a new avenue to raise their voices with self-publishing. Self-publishing is a new opportunity for those authors and e-books match well with the self-publishing concept. Unlike traditional publishing houses, e-book retailers like Amazon and Kobo provide a much wider platform where audiences can find their books easily including new authors. Below, I summarized the reasons why new writers prefer self publishing much more in digital format than traditional paper print.

Success in Your Hands

Digital self publishing gives you a high degree of control over your work from cover design to packaging from page layout to pricing. This means you take responsibility and initiative for your work. Even if you can get various degrees of support (for which you have to pay) from your self-publishing company, it does not change the fact that you are responsible for your own success and/or failure. Setting a timeline would also be helpful and can create a commitment for you. If your book and subject is related to current events and more time-sensitive, publishing timeline can be of even greater importance.

When you self publish, you maintain your royalty rights. Traditional publishers always require that you transfer your intellectual property rights when you sign a contract with the publisher.

Freedom with Responsibilities

Depending on your passion and financial capabilities, you can opt for a more comprehensive publishing plan including both digital and paper copies. Do you want to see an inspiring example? Look at the story of the best-selling author John Locke: He created a milestone by being the first self-published author to exceed the magical threshold of one million sold e-books through Amazon. His achievements led him to sign a contract with a traditional publisher. Simon & Schuster will sell the paper print editions of John Locke Books. John writes thrillers with Donovan Creed as the main character and has shared the secrets of his selling success in his recent book, "How I Sold 1 Million E-books in 5 Months?"

In traditional publishing, you get paid as a percentage of revenues on book sales although you technically transferred your royalty rights. You may or may not be able to set the price for your book, or have no say over discounts offered. On the other hand, in terms of self publishing, you receive all revenues from the sales of your books once you paid the upfront fees of self-publishing.

New Players and New Tools

In conclusion, when you consider these advantages, digital self-publishing is undeniably an excellent vehicle for achieving your goals. Furthermore, it shows that self publishing writers can hire their own publicist, their own online marketing specialist, a freelance editor, a graphic designer and a distribution service. As you will see, there is a revolution in the publication business with new players and new tools.

Keep writing and you might have a much larger audience than you think.

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