Dash And Dot Review : Teach Your Children How To Code
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Dash And Dot Review : Teach Your Children How to Code

Dash and Dot: Teach Your Children to Understand Technology

Product: Dash and Dot

Price: $199.00 - $349.00

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon

Dimensions: 6.7 x 7.2 x 6.3 inches

Prime Eligible: Yes

Customer Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

When it comes to electronic toys for preschoolers, I have seen nothing more progressive than Dash and Dot. The robots were created by a dad who taught himself to code from his high school computers and then went on to work for Apple in the development of the Ipod and then amazon to revolutionize their payment system. He not only saw what an advantage this knowledge could give his daughter in the world of technology she would someday enter, he saw that it could also be fun!

Dash and Dot are the epitome educational electronics. They will teach your children how to code and write basic computer programs! They are designed to give children a basic understanding of how things work in the world they live in. How do video games know what to do when you push the X button, how do self driving cars work, how does an Ipad operate? Dash and Dot illuminate all of those questions through simple playtime.

These robots work in conjunction with the following Ipad/Iphone apps.

(Note, requires Ipad versions 3 or newer)

1. Path - ages 5+. Use your finger to draw a path and watch Dash go.

2. Go - ages 5+. Control all the sensors on both Dash and Dot.

3. Xylo - ages 5+. Create music with Dash and his xylophone (sold separately unless you purchase the bundle).

4. Blockly - ages 8+. Program Dash and Dot using Blockly, a colorful puzzle piece style programming tool which uses pictures and very few words.

The coding can be as simple as running your finger in a circle on the screen and watching the robot roll in a circle on the floor. As children get older they can begin to enter specifics into the app and watch the robot respond to their commands of "go forward until you sense an obstacle, then turn left, go forward for three seconds, turn around and say hi, push all of the Legos forward for five seconds, when you reach the end play happy birthday for my mom, etc. With endless opportunities for new programs this toy will provide hours of educational entertainment for your little ones.

I have heard the argument that video games and Ipads can offer comparable educational value in the coding world because when a child hits a button, the app or game responds and follows their command. This seems like a valid argument with one big exception. Children need tangibility. They need to see what it means to enter code into one device and watch another respond. We can explain how this works until we are blue in the face but children are very literal and theories are often lost on them. With Dash and Dot they can see it, touch it, pick it up, and interact with it. As they grow and their codes become more advanced and so does their understanding of how technology works. By the time our children enter the workforce they may be competing with robots for job placements. The advantage of knowing how robotic technology works will provide them with a huge advantage. It can also make the world of technology and engineering more desirable and less intimidating when choosing college majors.

If the educational benefits of Dot and Dash weren't enough, the developers added a little more fun by making them compatible with Lego. Yes, you can build Lego creations and attach them to Dot and Dash whom you dash and dot iphone attatchment can then program to take your Legos anywhere you wish! They also have attachments that, for instance, will hold an iphone or ipod on top of Dash so you can use it as a "spy cam" and take video as dash roves around the house.

The only negative review I have seen for Dot and Dash is that they are only compatible with Ipad and Iphone apps and the app has to be open while the robots are in operation. Most people have one of these two devices, but in the off chance you do not, know that you will need to investment in one of these to operate Dash and Dot. Android has an app but it is very limited. With the cost of Dash and Dot I would be wary of the investment if you do not have an Iphone or Ipad.

Overall, these toys are worth their investment, especially for a big gift event or a as a dual gift for siblings. These robots will continue to benefit your children long after the Sophia plush or Star wars figurine set have been cast aside. Please consider this investment for your children. It is a truly unique and educational experience that will benefit your children forever.

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