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Kids With Autism Spectrum Disorder Are At A Higher Risk Of Bullying Than Others
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Kids With Autism Spectrum Disorder Are at A Higher Risk Of Bullying Than Others

Kids with autism and autism spectrum disorders face a number of very serious challenges and problems in their lives. According to new research, one of those challenges is a great risk of being bullied or being perceived as a bully themselves. Especially at high risk are the kids who have Asperger's Syndrome according to a research study which has not made it to publication just yet. Those preliminary findings suggest that the kids with ASD are at a three times higher risk of becoming a victim of a bully at some point.

In a survey of parents through the Interactive Autism Network as well as information gathered from the John Hopkins University, 61% if the kids diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome had been bullied at some point during their schooling while only half as many kids with autism had been.Of the parents that were surveyed, over half said that their children had been purposely goaded into a behavioral meltdown as well.

Children with autism spectrum disorder have a range of developmental disorders that vary from diagnosis to diagnosis. For the children with autism, for instance, there are typically problems with social interaction and communication that can range from mild to severe. There are also ritualistic or repetitive behaviors as well. For Asperger's Syndrome, the child typically has a very high IQ but has narrow, almost obsessive interests and will have a difficult time socializing with anyone that does not share those interests.

The survey also showed that across the board, 63% of these children had been bullied at some point and that nearly forty percent had been bullied in the last month. Of the bullying, the bulk was verbal taunts and teasing according to over seventy percent of the parents with half of the kids were excluded or maliciously ignored by their fellow classmates. Nearly half were also bullied by the use of name calling. Thirty percent of the children were bullied with physical tactics like hitting or other abuse. Slightly more than half also reported that bullies tried to incite a behavioral outburst or tantrum in the children as well.

But, according to the survey, the children with ASD were also far more likely to behave in ways consistent with bullying as well. Twenty percent of those children were marked as the aggressor in certain situations, doing things such as calling people names, hitting or taking items that did not belong to them. Autistic children are also likely to act out if someone tries to disrupt their rituals or repetitive behavior which can be seen as a behavior in some cases and bullying in others.

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Excellent article Amie.We had a friend stay with us with ASD and I have learned a bit about the disease. You have helped add to that list. Thanks for the article.

  about 1 decade ago
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