Zoomer Dino Review : Best New Toy Of The Year New York Toy Fair 2015
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Zoomer Dino Review : Best New Toy Of the Year New York Toy Fair 2015

Zoomer Dino Review: The Good, The Bad, and The Good

Product: Zoomer Dino

Price: Reg. $99.00

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon (sale $69.00)

Warranty: 30 Days

Recommended Ages: 5-10

Batteries: 3 AAA

Special Features: True Balance Technology

The Good

Zoomer Dino is an interactive toy who zooms around on two wheels as if he had the equilibrium of a human (think prehistoric segway). He learns, can be trained, and responds to stimuli. He wheels around the house like a small pet who can be placed in to autonomous mode or controlled by a remote pod that operates on AAA batteries. The dino himself is quickly charged by USB via either computer or direct outlet. A charge lasts about 30 minutes, which is a perfect match for the attention span of a child.

Zoomer Dino relays emotion through his eyes:

  • Green - I am ready for action
  • Blue - I am waiting for instructions (via remote control or hand signals)
  • Purple - I am in training mode, teach me to do things like sit or talk
  • Red - I am angry and about to make ferocious sounds and gestures

Here is the truly interesting part about Zoomer Dino, you cannot simply put him in to the mood you want him to be in. You have to interact with him, persuade him, and watch him. It may take time to convince your dino to enter training mode and it may be difficult to keep him there for long. He may encounter something that makes him angry and you must calm him down before he will enter waiting for instructions mode. His unpredictable and challenging nature make him a favorite toy that will be used over and over again!

Zoomer Dino knows kids! He embraces his inner child and burps/farts and then laughs at himself. He beat boxes. He dances. He chases. He chomps. He roars. He has a temper. He is a great companion for a rainy day but also has the ability to play outside. He is a huge hit at the park and on the playground.

The Bad

I have heard few negative things about Zoomer Dino. He is a sequel to Zoomer Zuppies and has grown and improved since the original version. That being said, there are a handful of "good to knows" about this dino.

  • The charge only lasts about 30 mins (I mentioned this in "The Good" section as well but it could also be considered a drawback).
  • He will roll on carpet but definitely rolls better on slick surfaces.
  • Smaller children do tend to find him kind of scary, a good note for little brothers or sister.
  • The instructions are a little unclear. Make sure you have some time to play with Zoomer Dino as a parent before you introduce it to your little ones as their attention will probably be lost before you get it figured out.

In conclusion, Zoomer Dino is an excellent toy. Its age ranges are definitely appropriate and I wouldn't recommend investing in in for a child under 4 or over 11. For the age appropriate children however, you will definitely get your money's worth out of this toy.

I would give this toy a 4.5 out of 5 on the excellence scale for originality, entertainment, and value.

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