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Cures For Tinnitus
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Cures For Tinnitus


As of today, I’m going to talk about an annoying problem I’ve had and am aware that many others have also. That problem is one that involves hearing. It’s not that I and many others can’t hear any sounds or are deaf, but the sounds that we are trying to hear are obscured by a background noise that never goes away. That background noise is described by most as tinnitus. When this occurs any conversation that you want to be part of is very difficult to hear what someone is clearly saying something and you miss part of it due to tinnitus fluctuations. So this being a reality, any minute of the day you may want to be part of a conversation, you find out you have to ask the other person to repeat what they have said.

Ear Humming

Tinnitus noise can be described as a constant hum. Even when someone with tinnitus sits in an absolutely quiet environment, they can hear the constant hum drum of background noise. This noise isn’t being produced outside of the ear, but inside of the ear. This defect in ear health isn’t easy to coexist with due to the never ending hum.

Tinnitus—Mind Over Matter?

Some people seek solutions for tinnitus and have been told that they just need to utilize the concept of mind over matter. Anyone who has had this problem knows this just doesn’t work to solve the tinnitus problem. I know many friends who are considerate want to be helpful, but this mind over matter concept clearly doesn’t help. Even if it seemed to help at first, I’m confident it would just be masking the problem, not curing it. The people I know want a cure, not a claimed cure that only temporary masks the real problem. When something similar to this is tried and failure to cure or help results, the tinnitus patient needs to try something else for relief.

Causes of Tinnitus

I would sincerely like to know the real cause of tinnitus. But by just guessing, I would think that real loud music might be a factor. I have sat right next to a massive speaker during a concert and have found out my ears were ringing almost immediately after the concert and sometimes even during the concert. Another possible cause could be that tinnitus is just part of the genes you were born with. This is questionable since your earlier years were tinnitus free. But the tendency factor that the genes you were born with are still part of this affliction has great merit. Anyway, no matter what the causes were doesn’t change the interest in finding a cure.

Tinnitus Remedies

The remedies to cure or alleviate tinnitus are many. Doctors, in my opinion, do not know how to treat this problem. Educated guesswork is then the result. Prescriptions are written for the patient who is desperate for help and the medical doctor just attempts to lessen the tinnitus irritation. This is admirable, but the tinnitus patient wants a cure.

Tinnitus Cures

Due to the high number of tinnitus affected people, I can confidently propose that they do not want a temporary mask of the problem but a cure. I know that some digital tinnitus cure solutions definitely work for some people. So when I read or hear of testimonials that claim a cure for tinnitus problems, I’m all ears so to speak. I know that some tinnitus cure solutions definitely work for some people and therefore I’m willing to try one or several for a cure solution for tinnitus. Hopefully, the testimonials are true and not just a fictional story to sell something. Good luck in your search for a cure.

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