Ear Infections Longview Tx: What To Know About Adult Ear Infections
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Ear infections in Longview TX are extremely painful and are the cause of many hours of sleepless nights and crying for a great many infants and toddlers. Since the majority of children pass out of the chronic ear infection phase when they’re very young, few of them have memories of the pain that can be caused by an ear infection. As adults, when an ear infection occurs, we become acutely aware of just how bad they can be and how important it is to seek medical help for pain relief as quickly as possible.

Types of Ear Infections in Adults

▸ Otitis Externa is an infection of the outer ear that’s also called ‘swimmer’s ear’ because is it fairly common among swimmers. It is the result of contaminated water entering the outer ear where bacteria from the water can grow and thrive in the warm, moist outer ear area.

▸ Otitis Media is an infection of the middle ear and is most common in children because of the shape and size of their Eustachian tubes – the tubes that run from the ear canal to the back of the throat. However, adults whose Eustachian tubes are blocked can develop middle ear infections. Blockages can result from swelling in the nose and throat caused by allergies, colds or sinus infections. Infections can also be caused by sticking foreign objects, like Q-tips or car keys, into the ear.

Symptoms of Ear Infections

▸ Symptoms of Otitis Externa include ear redness, itchiness inside the ear, flaking of the skin on the ear, pus-like drainage from the ear, pain when the ear is touched and fever.

▸ Symptoms of Otitis Media include ear pain, fever, drainage from the ear, a feeling of pressure inside the ear, hearing loss and balance problems.

Treatment of Ear Infections

▸ Swimmer’s ear infections in Longview TX are usually treated with antibiotic drops. Depending on the severity of the infection, your physician may clean pus and debris from the ear.

▸ Middle ear infections in adults are normally treated with oral antibiotics; however, chronic ear infections caused by enlarged structures like turbinates, tiny bones inside the nose, or by nasal polyps may have to be treated surgically to remove the causal element.

Prevention of Ear Infections

▸ To prevent outer ear infections, use earplugs before swimming or bathing and try gently drying your ear with a blow dryer set to cool. Don’t insert foreign objects into your ears and avoid swimming in polluted or standing water.

▸ To prevent middle ear infections, avoid cigarette smoke, which can irritate nasal and oral tissue, take a decongestant if you have a cold or if you plan on getting on an airplane and avoid cleaning your ear with Q-tips. Instead, use Debrox or other over-the-counter solutions for moving wax out of the ear gently with a peroxide solution.

If you have chronic ear infections in Longview TX or you have an acute ear infection that is causing you pain, come and see us at East Texas Sinus and Dizziness Center. For an appointment, call (903) 212-4399 or visit us online to fill out our online contact form.

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