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Herbal Remedy For Your Tinnitis
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Is there any lasting cure for tinnitus? No,there is not. But there are relief measures available. If there is one defining characteristic of tinnitis, it is the complex range of causes. From the physiological to the environmental, the causes have to be diagnosed before any treatment can be considered. All forms of tinnitus have symptoms of persistent hearing loss and intermittent ear ringing and throbbing.

Damage to the inner ear nerve microscopic endings and damage to the autoimmune system is fundamental to triggering the onset of tinnitis. Food protein allergies and food chemical allergies also trigger bouts of tinnitus but the actual causes of severe tinnitis in many individuals is likely to be combinations of blood circulation restrictions, ear nerve damage, prolonged exposure to noisy environments and reactions to food allergies.

Tinnitis is probably best known for distinctive symptoms such as ringing throughout the ears and is estimated to affect at least 20% of the world's population so it is widespread. More alarmingly, tinnitis is known to affect up to one-third of the world's elderly so it is very much associated with age. Degrees of tinnitis occur which range from the constant through to the sporadic and intermittent bouts.

Interestingly, tinnitis also has degrees of intensity. Therefore it may be mild. Or it maybe severe. In fact, tinnitis can be characterised by persistent throbbing or high pitched ringing which can be overwhelming and deafening.

Let's be clear that tinnitis is not any one condition. It can be caused by diverse combinations of factors. So we can't classify tinnitis as any hearing disease because it has complex origins triggered by many complex factors which interact.

There is no one particular definitive cause of tinnitis. In fact there are many. Hearing loss is known to be associated with the onset of tinnitis. Scientific research has established this correlation. It is now known that when the hearing nerve located in the inner ear has damage to the microscopic ends, then hearing loss is rapidly accelerated. Besides this, when critical bone structures in the inner ear become rigid, tinnitis can be triggered.

Traumatic damage from excessive loud noise is also now established as one of the primary causes of tinnitis due to rupturing of the eardrum where microscopic holes begin to appear.

One of the most frequent triggers of tinnitis is severe ear wax accumulation at an abnormal rate leading to the inner ear eardrum membrane becoming inflammed. Another similar physiological cause is severe degrees of ear infection where hearing ability is diminished but tinnitis ringing begins to increase.

In rarer cases of tinnitis, damage to the facial jaw joints lead to severe grating and throbbing sensations during jaw movement leading to the symtomatic sensations characteristic of tinnitis. Where inner ear arteries are starved of oxygen due to high cholesterol levels blocking the bloodstream, tinnitis occurs. Blockages in bloodflow, the jaw, the neck almost always lead to the development of tinnitis.

Food allergies are often identified as one of the fundamental causes of tinnitis. For instance, red wine is formented and contains tartaric acid which triggers allergies. Similarly, so do gluten proteins in spirits such as rye, whiskey. Other identified causes of food allergies which trigger tinnitis are chocolate, cheese, processed meats, caffeine, carbonated beverages, saturated fat and sodium rich foods which are known to be the origins of bouts of tinnitis. Yeast and alcohol are other well known allergic triggers.

Besides these physiological causes of tinnitis, there is the common psychological cause widely known as stress which triggers the release of cortisol throughout the body. Extreme stress can trigger feelings of dizziness, nausea. Tinnitis is also thought to be one of the side effects of vertigo.

Tinnitis has no cure as yet but the symptoms can be alleviated by natural herbal remedy alternative treatments. Vitamin B and foods rich in either zinc or magnesium are known to alleviate the pain so bananas, green leaf vegetables, oily fish are beneficial and are recommended as part of your daily dietary regime. In particular, sesame seeds and onion juice and spinach assuaging the pain effectively.

One widely used treatment is Gingko biloba which can be partaken through vitamin supplements or as an infusion in sweetened lemon herbal teas. Bayberry, burdock root, hawthorn leaf have powerful anti-oxidant properties which purify blood circulation and boost the immune system.

Since the root cause of tinnitis is sustained damage to the autoimmune system, it is recommended that Q10 coenzyme in daily doses of 300mg per day should be consumed. Diminished blood flow to the ears occurs with age leading to bouts of nausea and dizziness. Gingko Biloba helps rectify the problem but so does nutrient rich seaweed, kelp and of course garlic. Iron-rich foods soothe symptoms of tinnitis.

Interestingly, it is known that pineapple chunks act to smoothe the inflammation. One interesting home remedy is to mix salt and glycerin in warm water and apply as nasal spray thrice daily. Since tinnitus is recurrent with sporadic and intermittent bouts it can be debilitating and affect employment opportunities so any of these home remedies are beneficial. Tinnitus can be eliminated but medication and remedies must be available as it can be triggered by so many diverse factors.

As yet, tinnitus is not irreversible but it can be managed. Only when the fundamental causes have been identified, can any cure be tested. Even then there may be other factors which trigger tinnitus which have yet to be identified. Tinnitus requires complex investigation for any manageable treatment.

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