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How Do You Get Tinnitus? – The Causes And Treatment For Ringing Of The Ears
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How Do You Get Tinnitus? – The Causes And Treatment for Ringing Of the Ears

You aren’t by yourself if you’re asking “How do you get tinnitus”. You probably know what ringing of the ears or tinnitus is, or you might even already have it bursting in your ears. Your ear is one of the most complex organs in the body. In addition to providing the mechanism for hearing, your ear system also regulates balancing and motor functions. Certain times a sensation of noise can be perceived in the ear even with no actual external sound present. The sound can be perceived as buzzing, ringing, whooshing, hissing, or similar other such sounds. This condition is known as tinnitus.

How do you get tinnitus? Tinnitus or ringing of the ears is caused by different things affecting the hearing system. To answer the question of “How do you get tinnitus” we’ll first need to understand how we hear. The ear is basically made of different sections that work in harmony to create the sensation of sound. The outer ear collects the incoming sound waves and sends them to the eardrum. The eardrum then vibrates and transfers those vibrations to the small bones that attach to it on one side and the inner ear on the other side. The small bones then transmit the vibrations to the cochlea found in the inner ear. The cochlea is a snail-shaped organ which transforms the mechanical vibrations into electrical impulses that it sends to the brain.

It has been discovered through research that the common element among all cases of ringing of the ears is that an illusion of sound is created in the brain when there is no sound external to the ear. How do you get tinnitus? Most often it happens from a defect in the cochlea causing what can be described as a “short circuit” of the inner ear that keeps sending electrical impulses to the sound center of the brain even when there’s no physical sound present. These impulses are then interpreted by the brain and inaccurately perceived as ringing of the ears.

After answering the “How do you get tinnitus” question, you probably then ask, “Well, how do you stop it?” Some tinnitus remedies are available like the prescription medicine Campral, although results vary. Lipoflavonoids can also help reduce ringing of the ears due to meniere’s disease. Other treatments still being researched include magnetic therapy to stimulate the hearing center in the brain and “rewire” it to filter out the sound of the tinnitus.

In addition, some holistic remedies for tinnitus are available. Holistic remedies provide another option aside from surgery, drugs, magnetic stimulation, and such. With some patience and changes in lifestyle, holistic remedies are much safer and can provide better results than drugs or invasive procedures. When asking the question “How do you get tinnitus”, it probably doesn’t come to mind that diet plays a role in the occurrence and intensity of tinnitus, but it does. Holistic remedies for tinnitus include dietary programs that exclude foods increasing ringing of the ears, health and exercise programs to keep the body healthy, in addition to other steps.

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