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Anorexia : The Avoidable Killers
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Anorexia : The Avoidable Killers

Anorexia is an eating disorder, that not only effect the way way you look, but also your health. According to the Department of Mental Health there are currently eight million people with some sort of eating disorder. (True or False)Is an eating disorder considered a mental disorder? The answer is True! They also have the highest rate of death(of any mental disorder). So what makes a eating disorder so bad?

Fear of Gaining Weight

The truth about anorexia is that the psychological mindset of the person, causes greater damage than the methods used to lose weight. In the mind of an anorectic they are entirely too fat, even if their underweight. Their whole goal is to attain this ideal body image, that is completely unhealthy and can be devastating to their own health. Thoughts of food are thought about almost all day. Questions such as: How many calories are in this meal? How many carbs are in this meal? Is there good or bad fats in this meal? Their constant thoughts of food quickly become a burden more than an asset. Unlike the thoughts of a normal dieter who may keep a check on their food consumption and seek a healthy body weight, the anorexic seeks to go below below this body weight.

Physical effects of Anorexia

Food Deprivation has a wide array of problems that are associated with it. Some common effects of anorexia are constipation, abdominal pains, muscle weakness, poor blood circulation(which leads suffer to feel cold), and in women: no period or a disrupted one.

There also can be heart problems that are caused by the lack of nutrients being supplied to the body. In the case of heart failure in anorexics, there is not enough fat being supplied to the heart, which serves to protect it. The muscle contractions become weaker and weaker and eventually the heart gives out. During this weakening stage the circulation of blood is reduced(which effects other organs).

Anorexia and osteoporosis- Which is literally the softening of the bones can result in painful bone fractures that will effect the person for the rest of their lives. What happens is, the body is not supplied with vital nutrients such as calcium, and vitamin B, which results in the weak bones. This serves as a major concern for teenagers because in this stage of life they are still growing.

Hopefully after reading this article, you have been made aware of the dangers associate with anorexia. This can be prevented though if caught on earlier enough.A trained psychologist or counselor along with a good dietitian can help save the lives of literally millions!

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