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Colon Cleanse Constipation - 4 Tips For Colon Cleanse Constipation
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How many people around the world are having problems with colon constipation. A good girlfriend of mine are struggling with constipation, I can see that she is having pain and usually give her tips to try in her diet. Sometimes she goes overboard with takeaways and not eating healthy then the pain comes back. I certainly know that you also know somebody that are struggling. Ask yourself the question what can I eat not to feel that way.......... Lets look.

I am going to start with the product we all know but don't like that much is laxatives you can buy at any pharmacy. But it will loosen your stool and it will tell the muscles in your colon to get busy. As children our parents gave this to us on a regular basis, what was bad is she always gave it at night before bed, NOT good.

Are you also one of the people that skips breakfast in the mornings, if I can say...... i did skip breakfast, it was not the time issue for me but I were not hungry so early in the morning. I got hungry around nine o'clock. Its difficult to eat your cereal at work then I skip breakfast until lunch time. Not good but I forced myself and take my cereal to work. Researches says that after waking up in the mornings your colon movement increases about three times and by eating something doubles that rate.

Drinking water won't necessarily relieve colon constipation, but by avoiding dehydration it could help you with your colon problem. I think the last tip on colon cleanse constipation may let you think, How so!!!! but reports shows that training like jogging or anything that makes your heart pump accelerates the movement of food through your intestine by more than 50 percent. Other studies shows that more than 50 percent of people are more likely to suffer from colon constipation than those who exercise regularly.

To give you another idea why colon constipation happens to most people, it is usually a change in the way you normally eat. Or an increase in stress in your day to day routine and sleep patterns can make your gut's internal rhythms go mad and reduce the muscle contractions that tell your colon it must work now. In the end it can be days without a bowel movement even though you feel the need.

I hope this article makes it more clear about tips to colon cleanse constipation for each one of us. So many people are suffering from this, use these tips for yourself if needed or tell somebody that are a sufferer, and remember it all depends on the types of food we eat.

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