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Risk Of Eating Disorders Increases With Constant Dieting
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The risk of developing certain types of eating disorders dramatically increase when a patient is focusing dieting efforts solely to lose weight and not for other reasons, a recent research study has shown. The research, conducted by counselors at the Lewisham Counseling and Councilor Association, in the UK suggested that the link between constant dieting, lowered self esteem and other psychological factors is much stronger than had been previously thought.

The constant focus on weight and weight changes is described as an earmark for anorexia, bulimia and binge eating. In these eating disorders as well as constant dieting, the patient focuses on what they are eating, counting every single calorie and obsessing if they are not losing weight quickly enough.

The research solidifies the belief that dieting should focus on trying to obtain the proper nutrients for optimal health and nutrition rather than only trying to lose weight to fit to what society deems the right number or figure type at that time. Those who already have issues with low self-esteem and other psychological problems tend to obsess over the numbers on the scale or in their clothing labels because they feel it is those numbers alone that is causing them the problems that they have.

Because they do not diet for the right reasons, such as health and nutrition and typically do not acknowledge that they have any kind of psychological problem at all, once they have lost weight, they tend to regain it quickly and to add more on top of what was previously lost. Once they regain the weight, the person feels disappointed and depressed, and the cycle begins again, further increasing the risk for developing the eating disorders.

In other, even more disturbing news, the number of younger children, including those who are still in elementary school, who are facing hospitalization for eating disorders and other food related complications has been rising at what experts are calling an “alarming rate”, with the number up by 119% in the last seven years.

While eating disorders are serious, no matter what age they develop in, for the younger children it can be especially damaging because it can lead to a delay or complete failure to hit puberty and may affect fertility and future health. Some eating disorders, especially bulimia, also affect the appearance because of the erosion of the tooth enamel.

Experts who focus on trying to prevent eating disorders, especially in children, suggest that dieting not focus on weight loss or on physical appearance, but rather an attempt to eat more healthfully, striving for better nutrition. In addition, several studies have also shown that families who sit down to at least one meal a day also lowers the risk of obesity as well as increases the healthy foods that a child is willing to at least try. This may be the key in getting children to eat more fruits and vegetables, and may set them up for healthier eating habits and attitudes about food for the rest of their life.

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Great article, I don't necessarily agree that the risk of developing an eating disorder can come about from focusing on diet alone, although an eating disorder can get worse as the person eats less and less. Coming from experience of having an eating disorder and a daughter with an eating disorder, It is clear to me that a person has to have a predisposed mental illness to start with. Yes I went through a stage of focusing on calorie counting and weight loss but this did not develop an eating disorder.

  about 1 decade ago
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