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Chiropractor Side Job
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Chiropractor Side Job

Over the years I’ve known a chiropractor or two who had a side business. Our local chiropractor here in our small Idaho town is always busy and does not have a chiropractor side job. I guess farm work generates customers. I have a close friend here and together we do chores feeding a widow’s critters. I feed the chickens, peacocks, ducks, and geese, and he feeds the cows and horses. He is always at the chiropractor.

‘But my cousin’s husband worked a day job and opened his office only in the evening. The chiropractors I have dealt with work in the office during the day and often do their second job in the evenings. Sometimes a professional like a chiropractor can spend some time during his regular office hours to promote another business, his chiropractor side job.

The chiropractors I have met were involved in multilevel marketing. They often selected products in the health field, but not always. They often had an office full of product from their MLM program. They pursued other areas too. One I knew was selling leads.

A good chiropractor side job is Internet Marketing. Why? Because it can be made to fit right in with or enhance his regular business. Internet marketing fits right into short time slots. Say you have 15 minutes between patients. Do a little social marketing, write an article, work on a web page or newsletter, do a little email marketing.

The first thing would be to have a web presence for his patients and potential patients. A newsletter would help build customer confidence and knowledge. Simply putting the URL on business cards, on a plaque in the office and at the bottom of newspaper ads would bring in new customers while keeping regular customers informed.

A visitor to the website would leave his name and email address to receive the newsletter full of wonderful health advice. Links in the newsletter could lead to pages having further information and links to a product to be offered to the newsletter readers. Tons of products could be supplied through Commission Junction or other affiliate networks. The chiropractor would not have to left a finger with CJ and vendors collecting the payments and supplying the merchandise.

Chiropractors have special knowledge which means they can easily focus on niche markets. They have a passion for what they are doing which would show in marketing their business. They also can produce ebooks of special health interest which they could put up on ClickBank to be sold by affiliate marketers. They can promote products they know are beneficial to people.

The health field is one of the largest sectors of Internet marketing. Being a chiropractor fits right in.

It takes some training to become proficient at Internet marketing but it is inexpensive compared with regular college credits. Just stay away from the gurus who have only one thing on their mind and that is to empty your pockets. There is an alternative choice for expert training. You should learn how to use keywords, register a domain, build a website, blog, collect email addresses and names, write articles, and drive traffic to your site.

Not a chiropractor looking or a chiropractor side job? Well, can you work in a side job too?

Fly Old Glory!

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