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Ecommerce And The Home Based Business Entrepreneur
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As most home based business entrepreneurs understand, there is NO free lunch online or offline. Same goes for the cost of doing business, it's NOT free or without an investment. An online eCommerce business makes sense if you are willing to spend the time to learn "how to" and have a reason for your business beyond just making money.

Success comes to the Internet Marketing entrepreneur who is focused on helping others rather than enriching only themselves. There's no question that having your own online business is an exciting idea. Most of us dream about having our own business, working from home, No boss, No supervisors hovering over us all day long.

You'll experience the same challenges in your own business if you have employees. It's no easier when mistakes are made and you have to do the "chewing" out or butt kicking regardless of who makes the mistake. Quality errors in your product line or service area can prove very costly to your bottom line profits.

Investment money as well as operating money is sometimes less for an online business to get started. Offline businesses usually require buying or renting space, signage, a location carefully selected, and much more. Just know that funds are necessary, either you have a "sugar daddy" or your own funds.

Many of us use a VA [Virtual Assistant] to get our work done in a timely fashion. Your VA is working from their home office, paying their own expenses while you're paying an hourly rate for services performed to assist you in getting your work done. Computers and the Internet make long distance a non-issue when you hire a VA rather than having employees in your own office.

When you make the decision to open your own business, you're no longer playing at business. It's up to you now to build multiple streams of income from your decisions and actions. Having your own business will often create far more demands on your time and energy than you might expect.

Don't even think about getting started without knowing how the system works. It may look very easy because the guru promoters keep telling you their product or service is all that's needed. Buy whatever magic potion they are selling and you'll be in profit within 14 days, 21 days or at most 60 days. "Piece of cake" they say.

Are you going to be an affiliate marketer? Will you use Clickbank? Amazon? Beware that Amazon does have an awesome affiliate program, however, there is a problem with some states. You need to know that Amazon refuses to collect or pay sales taxes to any state in America. Obviously, if you live in NC you cannot become an Amazon affiliate as well as some other states, at this time.

Remember, it's much easier to promote products that you like or enjoy. Think about your associations, your memberships, your hobbies or wherever you feel connected and excited. Finding resources to build your Internet business is the key to your future success as an eCommerce enterprise.

Internet marketing is probably one of the most profitable home based businesses on the planet today. By simply following the tips above, you'll be one step closer to building a real business. Remember, your list of buyers and prospects is your most valuable asset as an Internet Marketing entrepreneur.

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