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Ecommerce Is Your Link To Building A Huge Success Story
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eCommerce is a huge link for your home based business. Obviously, there are many areas involved in the building of your own business but eCommerce will fit nicely as the main focus of your story. Our goal is to expand your success story for the world to hear and see at a future date.

With Internet Marketing we can reach the world. Everyone who has an Internet connection is a prospect for membership in your business. No one is left out on purpose until they prove themselves an outsider. We want like members or folks who love the same things we do, primarily Internet Marketing.

There are so many avenues we could pursue but it's important that we focus on the specifics. First, we work on discovery, then research, following up with putting all the specifics together for easy review.

A few things are extremely important for all of us..... your HISTORY happens automatically whether you like it or not. However, decisions that you make can change the course of your life and the stories you share about your successes and failures will be anticipated by millions on the Internet.

Usually, we talk about your resume instead of your story but it all interconnects. Everything you discover in building your home based business can be good news for new comers. The various decisions you make, the software you choose, the automation you discover are all part of the eCommerce business.

Traffic building is #1 on the agenda. Assuming that we'll have thousands of paying members makes having an autoresponder service in place is our #2 software tool. Deciding on a free give away to draw traffic to our website is #3; eCommerce is #4, deciding on products or affiliate programs we promote at a profit.

Once we get moving with #1 through #4 we're on the way to building your story. With the autoresponder in place it means getting busy writing a series of follow up emails to your subscribers. You've got to stay in touch to keep the interest of your subscribers. Everyone needs to be sitting on the edge of their seat waiting with anticipation for your next email letter.

Hopefully, we got your attention with the last sentence because it's key to your success. Think about WHOM your subscribers are, what's their interests, hobbies, married, single, divorced, grandparents, newly weds and now you're getting the message loud and clear. How are your subscribers alike?

How about YOU? Harley Rider? Gospel Singer? Plays Piano? Drives Corvette? Loves the Internet? Just to name a few things other people do and enjoy keeping in touch with like-minded friends. Big Mike and Molly just said.... "something you're passionate about"..... fits our goal nicely to build your story.

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