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How To Make Money Online - Persistence And Resourcefulness Pay Dividends
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How To Make Money Online - Persistence And Resourcefulness Pay Dividends

Most people with aspirations of becoming an Internet entrepreneur have no clue about how to make money online. Even the most ambitious of these would-be Internet entrepreneurs don’t know where or how to start.

This is very understandable. The learning curve for starting any business can be steep. Learning how to make money online can introduce challenges that beginner online entrepreneurs would never have thought of.

One of the challenges you’ll run into if you are interested in starting an Internet business is information overload. Along with the multitude of ways that there are to make money online, there are also unlimited ways to get started. Enter; information overload for wanna be Internet entrepreneurs. Another huge challenge for the self starter entrepreneur is the technical challenges.

Not being able to overcome the information overload and technical challenges are the cause of most online business failure. These seemingly insurmountable challenges short circuit the success of those just starting out in their online careers.

Even though it is still early days for online business, there are so many resources available that virtually anyone who wishes to start an online business can do so with relative ease compared to just four and five years ago. With just a little persistence and resourcefulness, beginner Internet entrepreneurs can overcome most, if not all of these hurdles.

For instance, there are companies that provide services that allow you to pay low monthly fees and they act as your tech department and handle all or most of your technical challenges. They can handle everything from registering domain names and designing and building websites. With the technical challenges out of the way, the job of the wanna-be Internet entrepreneur is to study and implement one money making tactic at a time. Let you new “tech department” handle what they do best while you find more money making tactics and techniques.

The key to following this plan in learning how to make money online is in the implementation of what you learn in money making tactics. Will it happen overnight? Not likely. With persistence and resourcefulness, a great online business can be born and sustained for the long haul.

When trying to determine where to focus efforts for building a successful Internet Business, Internet business owners need to focus on 4 areas:

  • Market Research - Internet business owners need to know their target market and need to figure out what problems need to be solved within that market. This will determine what products need to be developed.

  • Traffic - Without online traffic, there is no business.

  • Conversion - The ability to convert website visitors into sales is arguably the most important component to any online business.

  • Product - The product that Internet business owners market needs to solve problems or entertain the business owner’s customers.

With these four components properly in place, odds for the Internet business’ survival greatly increases. Follow these tips for your Internet business and you are sure to keep frustration levels low and fun levels high! Stay with it my friend and you too will soon have Internet Business success.

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Great article Jerry...I agree with you on being "Persistence And Resourcefulness" I looked at your blog, very nice but you'll find that you can get a better clicktru rate to your opt-in page if your use keyword anchor text instead of ugly letters and numbers.

  about 9 years ago
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