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My First Experience Of Selling On Ebay
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My First Experience Of Selling on Ebay

Selling items on eBay is easy. If you have never had an experience of selling on eBay, it may be intimidating to you, but the whole process is guided thoroughly in the website. It is easier than you think and really fun.

My first experience of selling on eBay was a few years ago. I sold a 5th generation of iPod. At that time, I had started using a cell phone as a music player, so the iPod was just sitting in a drawer of my desk for a long time, and I had no intention to do anything about it. One day, I was watching TV series, and its characters were selling their unused items and getting money. That made me want to do the same. Soon, the iPod in the drawer popped up in my mind.

I followed an instruction in eBay website, took some pictures of the iPod, and made a listing. Since everything was the first thing to do, it took me more than an hour to upload the listing, but I manage to finish it. I accepted some selling tips such as offering free shipping and setting a starting price as low as possible to attract more buyers. I set $19.99 as a starting price, 7-day auction and offering free shipping.

The response was quick. Someone placed a bid in no time. I was excited and looking forward to a battle of the auction in the future. However, my auction was calm. There had been only one bid, and the price had stayed at $19.99 until the last 30 minutes of the end of the auction.

The price had suddenly jumped up to $50 half an hour before the auction ended, and a number of bids placed in the last minute. That was sensational. I could not help staring at the price going up and up. The whole display automatically refreshed at the moment the auction ended and then showed the final price. That was $86, $10 more than the price I had seen before the display refreshed.

Soon after, I received a couple of emails, saying "Your eBay item sold!" from eBay and "You receive a payment" from Paypal. I logged in my Paypal account and made sure that money was there. It was shocking because the process of receiving money online was done at the speed of light.

I could not resist. I got addicted to selling on eBay. I searched my room for unused items that were likely to be sold. After cleaning up my room, I decided to start my own business on eBay. I racked my brain, tried to find a niche that could make a profit.

Now, I have sold over thousand items on eBay. My business is still in an infant stage, but hopefully, I grow my business largely enough to become my main income.

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