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Online Marketing Tips For Beginners And Stragglers
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Online Marketing Tips for Beginners And Stragglers

What is the difference between a successful online marketer and a straggler who never seems to be able to earn a buck on the Internet? The obvious answer is that one is making money on the Internet and the other is not. But why is one successful while the other is not? Here are some of my thoughts on the matter being an eighty-year-old man who has struggled with Internet marketing for at least twenty years:

Putting In The Time

Is it true that spending a lot of time in front of the computer pays of big?

It's true that successful marketers do spend a lot of time working the business, despite what the gurus say--a guru is a teacher, the guy you see on the mountain top--that you only need to spend a few minutes a day while gazing at the ocean from the porch of your mansion to be a success.

But, time in the saddle if you are doing all the wrong things to build your business does not mean success. You would be surprised how easy this can occur and how long it can persist. Some folks have put in many thousands of hours with no gain. Sad but true.

Passion Working a Niche

Here is the key to success and the reason some folks succeed while others who have too many interest that they are trying to pursue, fail.

For example, Bill loves to juggle, an amateur but good. He knows all the types of juggling equipment and where to get it. he decides to focus on teaching people how to juggle and have fun while they are doing it. He builds a site, provides all kinds of great information on juggling, and sells equipment to his patrons. He had passion and he has a niche.

I wouldn't tell you this story except that it is absolutely true. Well, his name is not Bill.

Now Gloria knows HTML and loves to build web sites. She puts up seven sites on different subjects and plans to add a lot more. Pretty soon she is too busy creating sites to improve the ones she has. They bring in no traffic because she is a site builder more than a provider of good information that people are looking for.

In fact she gets her information from other sites, paraphrasing what is said there as to not plagiarize. The search engines hate her and drop her sites into the proverbial garbage can.

Now Gloria is not real. This is just a typical story for the net. I know it well.

Now we have given a few terms here that we should define in some way:

Passion is any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate. We are talking about love here. If you love something, you will be excited about it and it will show up in all you do.

Niche for our discussion is a market with a demand for a very specialized product or commodity. When you find a niche you will find a bunch of hungry buyers interested in what you have to say and in the products or services you are offering.

Mingling With the Customers

Some folks welcome visitors to their web site but never ask for their email address nor offer them a free product or two for doing so. So they make one sell, maybe, and that is that.

As all of us direct mail operators know, the profit is in repeat business, not the initial sale. A smart marketer will send a periodic series of emails to each site visitor to provide them more information enticing them to spend more time on the site so that they will become customers.

More importantly, they will stay in contact with their customers providing them a chance to gain more information and to consider your alternate products.

Being the Expert

Some would be marketers spend all of their time selling when they should be spending their time providing relevant information.

By relevant information I'm talking about what the site visitor is interested in when he makes a keyword search. This is the search you are making when you put a few words in the Google or other search box looking for something specific.

If the searcher is looking for "how to build my own violin" and your site only sells violins and doesn't tell anyone how to build one, Google will put you on page 13 of the search item list even though you have "build violin" in your meta keyword file. A meta file is a file you put at the top of your web page describing the page, giving the title, and providing keywords used in or relevant to the site.

Now, that last paragraph was a little off the track. What you need is to become is an expert in your niche, providing great information, original text, and having a desire to help others in your niche to obtain their goals. Then they will trust your judgement and might buy that set of bagpipes after all. My son sells flutes and bagpipes at his Irish Flute Store so I'm not too far out of line here.

Marketing or Lack Thereof

There are thousands of pretty sites, some not so pretty, on the Internet that are like lonely icebergs in a lonely sea, never seeing a passing ship. They have little or zero traffic. Google never sees them because there are no links to the site. There is no traffic from articles written for the Internet, no pay­-per-click traffic, no traffic from SEO (site optimization) when keyword searches are made. They are dead assets in a sea of despair.

No one sends a visitor from Facebook or Twitter or other social network. Nobody cares because nobody knows the site exist. It may be exactly what some searchers are looking for but no matter, it doesn't exist. If you go to Alexa, the Web Information Company, it will say, "WHO?"


The problem for new Internet marketers is that the Internet gurus grab them by the collar and stir them into a canned success program that does not work but constantly drains them of cash until there is not one red penny left in there pocket to pursue their Internet business.

In fact, some new would-be marketers don't think of what they are entering into as a business that must be operated by the same principles as any other business. They don't realize that there is training available, a university where they can learn online what to do to start and build an Internet business. It is very sad because they waste so much time, some years of hard work, for nothing.

You need knowledge to succeed in business and you need specific knowledge for working on the Internet. I have been studying on the Internet for four years and because of that I have improved my situation. Because of my age and interest and my wife who is ill and needs my care, I can't do everything, but I am doing the right thing knowing that I have one-on-one counseling to keep me on the right track.

I try to provide tools on my website to help others. We are all in this together, right?

Street Talk

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