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Small Business Marketing And Ecommerce Website Designers
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Ecommerce website designers play an extremely pivotal role in the success or failure of tens of millions of websites on the Internet today. The untold number of billions of dollars’ worth of commerce that is transacted daily across the Internet is a testament to the professionalism with which the many ecommerce website designers across the world have managed to successfully bring to life this thing that we refer to collectively as the “Internet economy”, or “ecommerce”, for short. It is thanks to the brilliant, analytical, and creative minds of these individuals, that millions of people across the world today are able to earn livelihoods. Indeed, the new Internet economy of the 21st century depends on the fruitful and prosperous transaction of ecommerce.

The work that ecommerce website designers perform can make or break a company’s success. Good website design, coupled with seamless ecommerce integration sets the tone for the user experience. If you want to maximize your website’s sales conversions, you will need to ensure that your site offers a robust, user-friendly, sleek, and content-rich website design. You want the user experience to be “sticky”. In other words, you want your visitors to come and stay on the site. And you do not want their first visit to your website to also be their last. You want them to have an incentive (and a means) to keep returning back to your website over and over again, as opposed to abandoning your website in favor of the competition. In technical terms, this means you want to reduce your website’s “bounce rate” to be as low as possible.

Therefore, when it comes to making the decision as to whom you should hire to design your website for you, there are certain criteria that you should take into consideration:

1. Ecommerce website designers should have a portfolio of previously completed projects they can showcase to you, as samples of their work.

2. They should be able to accurately translate your specific needs and desired goals into a finished product that does not compromise in anyway, but instead delivers precisely what you are asking for. And if what you are asking for is not feasible, the designer should be able to offer alternatives to you.

3. The designer should be well-versed in the ways that ecommerce can be integrated into the world of Web 2.0 and social media technologies. It is no longer enough to have a static “shopping cart” website with a basic checkout functionality. An ecommerce website in the Web 2.0 generation needs to fully integrate with social networking tools and should offer an engaging, interactive, intuitive, and easy-to-use experience. This also includes designing so as to be able to address security concerns such as website vulnerabilities, phishing scams, and the like.

4. You should inquire about the designer’s ability to offer a warranty or an ongoing support agreement, in case of any bugs, needs for feature enhancements, or general support in case of any problems, questions, concerns, or issues.

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