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The Mystery Around Etsy Marketing
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Selling on Etsy can be a very rewarding experience. You work hard to create your handmade items and may have started out as a hobby and looking to selling on Etsy. Etsy Marketing however can be quite a mystery. There is already a lot of traffic on Etsy already so you have the built in traffic which for a beginner is great! But many new Etsy shop owners don't understand why they haven't sold any of their beautiful handmade crafts. If you are really passionate about your craft and can invest some of your time you too can be successful on Etsy. I'm going to discuss some of the most important parts of setting up your Etsy shop.

First off you will need to realize that any business, including online, requires hard work. If you are dedicated and willing to put the time into your business to see it succeed you will eventually see the fruits of your labor. You will benefit by setting up a business plan and goals for your first year. I know this can be very daunting but there is a lot of free advice online as well as locally that will help you. I would get in contact with your local SCORE chapter for assistance. You may not see the profits in the first year and this can be normal.

Before setting up your shop I would read as much as you can on SEO (search engine optimization) not only does this become important for Google, Yahoo & Bing searches but is also important on Etsy's internal search engine. There are several areas that are within your virtual store front that need to have not only a description of what you are selling but also they need to contain keywords. All this is important to drive your target customer to your shop.

The feel and look of your shop will basically become known as your brand. For you individual listings you first and foremost need to have GREAT pictures. You need to take good front, side and back photos of your item. Be sure to set your camera to macro and your flash should be off. This will give you a crisp, clear photo that you can see the details easily. If your item is small enough a photo box really does make a difference.

Once you have a good full shop (which I like to see at least 2 pages of items) then you can concentrate on an effective marketing campaign. This is when its important to really look in on your shop from your customer's point of view. What is their need? Do they have a problem? Can you item solve that problem? If so sell them on why your product is better and how it will benefit them.

Setting up your Etsy shop isn't just about listing a few items on Etsy with the hope that someone will purchase it. There are many parts to promoting your Etsy shop and we've discussed a few above. Learning as much as you can about SEO, website setup and online marketing can really set you apart and give you that competitive edge your shop needs. A shop that is effectively optimized and marketed with a moderate amount of traffic can create a shop that is consistently selling. I hope this article helps you in your new and exciting Etsy beginnings!

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