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Tips On Choosing Ecommerce Solution For Your Business
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Tips on Choosing Ecommerce Solution for Your Business

Ecommerce is a modern way of selling products and services and your business is ready to take a bite out of it. Now what? Ecommerce solutions offer several packages and vary based on the nature and the size of the business. There are different kinds of technologies provided by ecommerce platforms with quite a few options available on the market that makes it hard to decide which one is the best solution for your business. Here are some tips to help you with making the best selection possible.

Questions to ask

As with any decision we make there are questions that we need to ask ourselves as well as prospective providers before committing to any kind of business relations.

  • Should I go with a licensed software or a SaaS?

Here is a thing to remember: going with a licensed software and hosting it means that a merchant is responsible for the uptime, performance, capacity and security of the systems, while many mid-market and enterprise SaaS (software-as-a-service) providers offer aggressive service level agreement that hold them accountable for these key performance indicators.

  • How comprehensive the ecommerce package is?

While evaluating the packages you might consider the following factors:

1. Ready-made solutions vs. Custom

2. On-demand scalability

3. Additional services such as design, site migration options, marketing, etc.

4. Does it offer CRM (Customer Relationship Management)?

5. Is the package PCI compliant (PCI is a mandatory set of rules and security requirements set forth by Visa and Mastercard)

6. Does it offer Order and Inventory Management?

  • How flexible is the core architecture and does it allow ecommerce expandability?

To put it straight and simple a platform should be flexible enough to accommodate your business growth and structure changes. Next generation cloud computing, W3C Protocols and Open Source Software are good indicators of the platform customization capabilities that insures on-demand implementation.

  • What kind of shopping experience a package offers?

Modern technologies call for modern solutions when products and services delivered through variety of digital channels including web, mobile and call center. Look for a platform that provides top-notch cross-channel merchandising environment that allows for the best shopping experience for your clients.

Companies to consider

There are two kinds of ecommerce solutions: One-size-fits-all shopping cart software and Enterprise Ecommerce Platforms. There are hundreds of shopping cart softwares to choose from which makes them virtually impossible to evaluate. What keeps them in common though is a number of issues associated with limited ability to customize and maintain growing sites.

None the less here are couple suggestions for small businesses:

  • Volusion: Ranking as number one shopping cart on the market makes Volusion extremely appealing for small businesses. Especially considering the fact that all popular features, hundreds of themes and templates to choose from as well as outstanding customer support come at the very affordable price and 14 day risk free trial.
  • Shopify: is a very easy to use online store builder, somewhat customizable and secure. Plus there is a 30-day try it and love it option for those who are not sure whether this software would really fit their ecommerce needs.
  • ProStores would be your top choice if your sales allocated via ebay. This frontstore will give you an opportunity to operate your business based on the platform that attracts millions and millions of qualified visitors on the daily basis. Talking about conversion rate. Right?

Now if your online store emerges into a more heavy-duty category you might consider moving it just a notch further and get it serviced by ecommerce solution providers for midsize enterprises:

  • Venda - has been on the market since 2001 and holds proven track of successfully implemented projects for mid to large size webstores. It is one of the fist platforms to offer cloud-based software as a service commerce solution. Through innovative design and technology the company provides end-to-end multi channel solutions.
  • MarketLive - is commonly described as an ecommerce provider that creates business over just sites which means that besides ecommerce solutions they are also supplementing their clients with marketing and branding support.
  • Ascentium Commerce Server represents quality of its originator. As a Microsoft partner of a choice Ascentium offers robust and highly scalable ecommerce solutions specifically designed for evolving online stores.

And finally let’s look at some of the biggest and best known Enterprise Ecommerce Platforms that provide solutions for big businesses:

  • Heiler Software was founded in 1987 and has grown to become a leader in providing of enterprise Product Information Management solutions for large retailers and distributors like Coca Cola, Daimler and such. PIM solution cuts cost and helps businesses to enhance marketing and sales performance and is one of today's most sought after technologies.
  • Demandware is rated as a leading on-demand platform that services world known brands and businesses. It is highly customisable with tons of integrated features and varieties powered by the next-generation cloud computing and open development environment.
  • Fry Open Commerce Platform is probably the most business-focused platform that builds custom designed sites specifically developed for a given company within given industry thanks to its OCP technology that offers the best of custom-build and off-the-shelf solutions.

Next comes a decision to either work directly with the platform or order servicing from a third party ecommerce solution partner but we’ll talk about it in our next article.

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