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Cairo Riots 2011 And How They Might Destroy Your Pension Hopes
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The news is especially violent this year and it seems to have started with Cairo riots 2011. Arguably, these started what became known as the Arab Spring which some are now calling the Arab Fall. Personally, I fear that this will turn into a debacle that history will call the Arab hell.

While the Egyptians are marching for freedom and a say in what happens to them, a great portion of the world's population is marching for work or, at the very least, an end to the financial insanity that has gripped the planet since 2008. The biggest problem is that there is little transparency in the institutions that control our future.

In 2008, we got a glimpse of some of the behind the scenes games being played. Big name companies in New York and elsewhere fell like flies with the first frost. Nobody knew how badly they were intertwined.

Cairo riots 2011 are bringing forth one end of a sharp stick with two pointed ends. These people are used to poverty and oppression. They would be happy living poorly as long as they were free to try to make things better for themselves. That is the way many of us live in the world whether we are in North America or Greece or Ireland.

It does not occur to us to march in the streets to hopefully have a bit of a say in the affairs of our countries. We march because the great dream of a bright future and early retirement is slipping away.

People are occupying areas with no concrete goal in mind. There are too many things going wrong and, even worse, too many things we suspect are about to go wrong because of the lack of transparency in the places that control our futures.

It is the belief of many that the world economy, like the temper of many Arab dictators has one foot in the grave and the other foot on a banana peel. Should the Egyptian military get angry and decide that enough was enough because of the Cairo riots 2011, the streets would quickly be cleared.

What would happen if the shaky financial system is worse off than we fear, that the domino effect would actually be the megaton effect? How long would it take for a global depression to smother the planet? How quickly would we find out that our precious pension funds have been pilfered without our trusted institutions ringing alarms?

Many governments talk of things being fine because they are insured saving. Most governments right now can hardly come up with enough cash to buy toilet paper for its employees. How will they find the funds to cover immense savings losses?

Riots in Cairo and just about every other civilized city in the world are a sign of things to come. On the other hand, all is not financial doom for the average person. The World Wide Web offers a chance to anyone with an internet connect to earn money online.

Whether it is Italy sliding into the financial abyss after a financial earthquake or a new debacle on Wall Street, anyone willing to work and learn will be able to survive using the internet. As long as they are willing to tackle new concepts, people can thrive whether they are getting bloodied in the Cairo riots or lost everything to some scumbag on Wall Street.

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How fast do you think all this could flip over to the dark side?

  about 1 decade ago

This will likely be a fast change where one thing suddenly flares up like a match thrown on gasoline.

  about 1 decade ago
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