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Nigeria Fuel Price Hike - Beneficial?
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The Nigerian Authority has began or better still Implemented a plan to remove fuel subsidy resulting in a hike in fuel price. Currently the Nigerian government claims to have spent more than $8bn in the past year, claiming this is one major reason for the poor infrastructural facilities in place.

As of this morning filling/service stations have increased the fuel price from 65naira ($0.4)to 140naira ($0.85) resulting in a 115% increase in fuel price. This is by far the most expensive the Nigerian fuel has ever been. This the Nigerian authorities claim is for the benefit of the masses. How true is this.

Some Interesting Facts

Nigeria who is a top producer of crude oil and one of the biggest in Africa, imports petrol due to its lack of functional refineries.

Nigerians seriously make use of fuel, because of the great number of Nigerians making use of cars(both sound and dilapidated ), another reason is the erratic power supply (too many businesses will crumble without backup generators most of which use fuel).

As many times as there have been refineries built in Nigeria or repaired it is shortly rendered useless one way or another.

Fuel subsidy is the only real benefit that an oil rich nation dubbed 'the giant of Africa' offers to its numerous citizens.

The PPPRA (Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency) said that the Nigerian Inhabitants can be sure that the supply of quality products will be adequate and the prices will be "competitive and non-exploitative".

Let us attempt to find the correlation between the facts above, and see if the true motives of Nigeria as a motherly nation is pure.

As a top producer of crude oil and one of the biggest in Africa, who has made much wealth from crude oil exportation (aside from other numerous natural resources, agriculture etc), a nation where majority of its populace, rely heavily on fuel for both domestic and commercial uses, there are just too many reasons why Nigeria should have, not one but several functional refineries.

Its can be because we are heavy producers of the basic component for petroleum products, which is crude oil (it just makes sense to explore and refine).

It can also be because having refineries creates more job opportunities for the citizens of Nigeria.

You could reason that, with its serious rate of use it is more cost effective (either for the government or for the citizens), to have refineries set up and properly maintained in Nigeria.

What if we explore and export, then we refine and also export. Double money making opportunity for Nigeria, double employment opportunities for Nigerian citizens.

How much is it to set up a refinery and maintain it compared with the claimed subsidy figures, that had been reoccurring and now laid to rest.

Why didn't the government revive even a small part of its refineries before removing the fuel subsidies?

Yet it is claimed that it is all for "the long term benefit of the country", in what way if I may ask?

It will be claimed that refineries were built but security and other logistic reasons made them crumble. This by a nation that is "the giant of Africa", you can help bring security to other countries but securing, a few square miles within a state(s) where a very important possession is kept is impossible. Don't even get me started.

And finally the Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency said that Consumers are assured of adequate supply of quality products at prices that are competitive and non-exploitative. Do you think we are fools, what is it in this country that is not influenced either directly or indirectly by the price of fuel?

What clear measures are in place that will stifle the effect of the increase in fuel price? When you say "prices that are competitive and non-exploitative", are you talking about from your perspective based on your salaries and the vast amount of money available to you for embezzlement, or from my perspective based on the money available to me as an average Nigerian? Do you even know how much your citizen feed with averagely?

How do you control the greed of a populace, that is witness to an advancement in the corruption of all its leaders, irrespective of the sector? How many states have implemented the increase in the national salary scale? As of the time this is in writing, the Kwara state government is yet to pay its workers 2 months salaries, reason, ensuring that there are no ghost workers taking advantage and collecting salaries.

I planed writing this objectively and unbiased, but the facts are just infuriating. What is the solution to this, well if you are religious, pray for the future paradise that you believe God will bring to this world, if not. Try believing in an entity

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