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Will Obama Be Unemployed After The 2012 Election?
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Will Obama Be Unemployed After The 2012 Election?

Are high unemployment rates hurting President Barak Obama's approval rating for the 2012 election? From some of the recent poll results it certainly looks that way.

With the U.S. unemployment rate still hovering above 9% for the month of August, it marks the longest consecutive period on record for the rates being consistently over 9% for any time period since 1948 (that's as far back as the record books go). Yes there was February and March of 2011 where the rates barely dropped under 9% (8.8% for Feb. and 8.9% for March), but other than those two months we have seen this high of number since May of 2009.

This is even worse than when Ronald Reagan was in office in the early 1980's when unemployment rates skyrocketed to over 9% in March of 1982 and did not come back down until October of 1983. 

Many of the people of whom were affected from loss of jobs also would eventually lose their homes too. Some of them had the opportunity to sell their homes for below market value just before foreclosure, but others were not as lucky to do so. 

When Obama first won the presidency, there were a lot people who questioned our countries national security matters. These questions were mainly silenced after Osama Bin Laden was killed by Navy Seals in May of this year, but is this enough to win the vote from millions of people who are still unemployed under is reign?

The results of some recent polls show that he is not getting the support that he once had, as his overall approval rating has dropped to a staggering 46% in one Associated Press GfK poll from late this August. I'm sure that President Obama has seen this and will soon be campaigning for the coming year.

One thing that most Americans do not realize about the incredibly high unemployment rate, is that the data used to give these percentages does not factor in the people who are not collecting unemployment such as the ones who ran out of extensions late last year into this year. Our 9% unemployment rate could realistically be something more like 12-13% but there is no real way of telling because all of this information is not publicly released.

There are some jobs which have not been negatively effected by the economic downturn and have flourished for the last 2-3 years. I should know because up until March of this year I worked for the food service industry, only to pursue my internet marketing career which has turned out more profitable than what I imagined. 

You see, I knew that my job was taking me nowhere and that I would die before getting a chance to retire if I stayed there. This is why I started pursuing my internet marketing career back in 2008 when the economy started taking a turn for the worse.

I believe the longer that people rely on government assistance without trying to get a job, the more comfortable these people will get living this way. This is going to show our youth that if you don't want to work, you don't have to because you can get assistance and still make as much money if you were actually working 40-50 hours a week. The longer this keeps up the harder it's going to change our current situation.

My intentions are not to criticize people who need the help, because I personally know hard working people who need the assistance and I'm happy that my tax dollars go to help people in that situation. I also know of people who are simply abusing the system and have no intentions of trying to help themselves, and I would truly like to see this stop and put these people to work for their assistance.

Hopefully Obama's job plan will do just that, but only time can tell.


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