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If you want to learn languages you have possibly hit a wall for several times when someone told you it's deifficult. Well, in the end it was difficult for you, and if only...If only what? If only someone could have done it for you?And you just wanted to visit the country and speak freely?...

Don't be naive, your job is your job preciselly because - it's yours! And with Assimil with ease you're half way finshing it. Assimil is a series of language books that helps an individual learn a foreign lanuage by acquireing the spoken language, one that will serve you when you travel accross the borders. All of that in a reord time span of about 6 months

So, why is Assimil so great? 

Because you learn a language by heart, repeating each day what you've learned the day before and enhancing your practice with another, new lession, (2 pages, lessons daily) which may come with audio also. There are two phases, the passive and the active one. In the passive one you just read and understand the first 50 lessions so they assimilate into your brain. This phase is about 2 months long (you can prolongate it if you wish). Then you continue with an active phase when you begin reading 51st lession and actively translate the 1st lession, which you, naturally, have in mind already. 

It's ike this. You find yourself singing some melody that you have no idea where you've heard  but somehow it's in your head, and you can't get it out! Then you possibly find the song and you learn the lyrics so fluently because you already know some words of it and the melody, of course..

This method is close to the children's "method" of learning a language - first listen and understand and then speak. They hear it as you hear these "songs stuck in your head" and then they immitate. How many times does a mother tell a baby: "Say mama!" and eventually does the baby immitate the mama sentence. Mama is so proud and happy, the baby recognizes it and laughs, and everyone's happy. 

That is how learning a language should look like, learning happily and with ease is the key. You can buy all that expensive distonaries if you like but my advice is that maybe you could let that be your second step. Assimil with ease method will provide you with the grammar, vocabulary and the cultural background of the language's country. But, There is one trick! You should keep an active daily repetition of 15-30 minutes. If you skip a day, there's a chance that your "song" will be an incomplete one. That's the catch, is it a difficult one?

No matter what, I still think that this is the best language course that you can have.



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