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2012 Flat Screen Tv - The Challenge - Which One?
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2012 Flat Screen Tv  -  The Challenge  -  Which One?

The challenge is on. There are so many different models on the market at the moment that is like a 2012 flat screen TV challenge.

In early 2012 we saw many of the new TVS released at Consumer electronics show in the US. There were a few different brands and models like HP, Samsung and Sony to name just a few but one thing that they all had in common was there screens. LED or Light Emitting Diode screens are the newest best things to grace the world of television and for good reason as well. In 2012 Flat Screen TV is all about the LED.

LED TVs are thinner and more economical to run than their Plasma or CCFT (cold cathode fluorescent tube) LCD counterparts. The picture quality is also a lot better and we shall take a little look at why this is.

In a plasma television the picture is made by the actual screen itself. Plasma TVs are often a lot heavier and thicker than LCD TV because of this. A plasma television will also pick up any glare from light that is shone on it.

An LCD television is actually a bit different. With an LCD or liquid crystal display the screen is lit up from behind. On a conventional LCD, cold cathode florescent tubes are used to do this. This is why it sometimes takes a little bit of time for your television to turn on. Now with the introduction of LED lights instead of cloth cathode fluro lights new LED/LCD televisions provide a faster image with a higher contrast than ever before.

This high contrast means that you can easily pick up details in shadows or night scenes on your television. Pure black is the hardest color to achieve on a TV and these new LED TVs do it with out any problems what so ever. Another great thing about these new LED televisions is the size. They are able to be super thin. A good example of this is the Samsung ES8000, which is only 1.2 inches thick. Other brands such as Sony and HP are also following this lead.

In 2012 Flat screen TV has taken a huge leap forward. We now have Smart TVs which can connect to the internet and also LED displays which are not only cheaper to manufacture than other screens but are also better picture quality and also more environmentally friendly as they use less energy to run.

So again in 2012 flat screen TV is all about LEDs and Smart TVs - these have slowly been creeping up on us for some time and are now breaking through into serious mainstream home entertainment. Enjoy.

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