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Digital SLR Cameras Keep Pushing Forward
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As we all know with the advance of technology some things that seemed liked they would never going to go away are now part of the past.

This is especially rings true if you are older. Remember albums, who would have thought they would ever go away, but after being around for decades along came 8 tracks, then cassettes, then CD's.

Ask a young person today about albums and record players. Can you imagine putting a piece of plastic on a table that spun around then putting an arm with a needle in it on top of that plastic to hear music?

It's a digital revolution

Well just like the music world the photography world also has had their revolution. I mean when was the last time you thought of buying film for a camera? Do the young people today even know what camera film is? Today digital cameras are the main stay and think how far they have come.

It seem like yesterday you were spending over five hundred dollars for a digital camera that couldn't hold a hundred pictures and was lucking to have two mega pixel definition.

But as the digital camera technology advanced giving us more megs and larger gig memory as the prices came down, allowing us to have incredible options when it comes to digital cameras.

This goes for the simple basic point and shoot cameras on up the line to the best SLR digital cameras on the market today. Now for the same price you paid five to ten years ago for the camera that was big clumsy and took grainy pictures, you can now buy a great SLR (single lens reflex) camera.

Of course you can still pay a lot more depending on how much of a professional model you want, but you can still get great digital cameras for under a thousand dollars.

Some of the best

In the good old days you would need a camera case to haul around your lenses, rolls of film, light meter, and other essentials for picture taking. But of course those days are behind us and now you can buy an SLR digital camera that has eliminated the need for many of these things.

There are a few brand names that I think are the best choices Sony, Canon and Nikon are on the top of the list. Of course it might just come down to personal preference or even the look of the camera that wins you over. Because these brands, plus others who make SLR digital cameras, have a lot of the same features.

Of course they are all SLR's or single lens reflex cameras, which is a series of mirrors that allow you to see through the lens. They all have the ability to accept a wide variety of lenses that would be used for close ups, wide angle, panoramic, and telephoto for long shots.

In the old days depending on what type of pictures you were shooting you had to make sure you were using the correct film, or the right speeds of film. But with an SLR digital camera you can regulate light and speed using the ISO and f stop to do what film used to.

This means no matter what type of action you are shooting instead of needing different speeds of film you can control the ISO and f stop for what ever effect you are trying to achieve.

The great thing is all the automatic features these cameras have. With built in on board light meter, auto-focus, delay for shutter release, it’s like having a team with you to make sure you get great shots every time.

Be the director

Of course let's not forget to mention the video you can take with these cameras.

Depending how much you want to pay when looking at the very top of the class, the quality can be really impressive. Also, you can use the edit feature and as you start getting better and produce some really professional looking results.

Another great feature is that SLR digital cameras make it very easy to upload your work to the net. Send your best pictures and movies to your friends by email or share them on sites like youtube and facebook or any other photo and movie sharing sites you belong to.

One of the biggest joys you will get in my opinion is when your friends of family rave about how great your photography is and how much they enjoy your work.

With today’s SLR digital cameras for both the professional and the amateur, they open a new world of picture taking that in the past couldn't even be imagined. It will be fun to see where digital camera technology will take us in the future.

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