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Flip Video Camera Reviews
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With HD camcorders becoming the new “thing”, just which one should you buy? Are you looking for tons of features or great quality or ease of use or convenience or little bit of all? Well, the Flip HD Camera is my choice because it does have the “little bit of all” that I am looking for. There are many flip video camera reviews because there are a few different types of Flips available, but this review is about the newest Flip HD Camera called the UltraHD.

Lets take a look at what all this camcorder offers.

  • User Friendly- The Flip HD Camera is just plain out dumb proof. You could give this device to a 3 year old child probably and they could record a video. It has one big red button to start and stop recording. A zoom in and zoom out button and that is basically all you need to know besides the other play, and trash button (deletes clips). All these buttons are all right where your thumb can reach them just like if you were dialing a number on your cell phone with your thumb. Simple, easy, and quick.
  • Quality Video- Now days you are pretty much buying an outdated camcorder if you do no buy one that is high definition. The Flip HD Camera offers great quality 720p video. This also means you can hook it directly up to your flat screen tv with the integrated HDMI output the camcorder has to watch your high quality videos with ease. This is also incorporated with image stabilization. Image stabilization means the cam is made with a feature to accommodate/adjust for when you are shaking the cam while recording or tilting etc. to make sure your final completed clip is not blurry or fidgety looking. The video records at a crisp, smooth 60 frames per second compared to a lot of HD camcorders that only record at 30. This means it can pick up/grasp or process the images it is seeing/recording faster. Which means your video looks better and your camcorder basically operates faster. Speaking of faster, most other flip video camera reviews I have read don’t mention that the device is just plain out fast. It turns on fast unlike a cell phone or laptop, it starts and stops recording fast, and the overall interface when you mashing the buttons all react fast.
  • Compactness- The size of the Flip HD Camera is what makes this thing so convenient. It is the size of an average cell phone. This means you can take it everywhere with you just like our cell phones. Put it in our pocket or purse like a cell phone and have easy access to it anytime we like just like a cell phone. Yeah, I said cell phone a lot, I know, but wanted to get the point across that this device is made for convenience just like our cell phones. It will fit in the palm of your hand.
  • USB, Battery, Internal Space - No more USB cables. The Flip HD Camera has a USB arm that flips out to hook it up directly to a pc. Battery life is around 2 hours and it also has a backup battery slot for AA batteries in case you need it for extra life. The harddrive/internal space is 8gb. This means you can get around 2 hours of HD quality video time recorded before you would have to take your clips off the cam via pc or delete them to free up more recording time.

To summarize, you can see that it has the “little bit of all” that I need and most people need. The Flip HD camera has about all and everything the average “wanna have a good camcorder” person needs. It is powerful, compact, super easy to use, and just plain out convenient which makes it a great little gadget to have to record great looking video in a snap. Feel free to read any other Flip Video Camera Reviews available on my site and good luck on your HD camcorder endeavors.

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