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Kindle - Portable Bookstore And Library
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Kindle  -  Portable Bookstore And Library

If you have reading habit, there is a gadget produced by Amazon called Kindle that is now used as a modern way to read your favorite book anywhere you go. Kindle is a break-through of reading than bringing a heavy books to any place you want are. You can see now people are bringing Kindle in the subways, waiting areas, coffee houses and any places. No more boring waiting hours while you are in line for your doctor's appointments or other activities where you need to wait on a long hours.

Imagine that you can bring a bookstore or a library where ever you go? Things that seemed impossible before, now solved by this little tiny gadget. You can travel with hundreds of your favorite books with Kindle.Right now. You can get the current best-sellers book right away.

Right now Kindle is on its 4th edition by adding more and more advance application on each generation. Starting from Kindle 3G touch, the screen is perfect no matter how bright the light is. And obviously with its 3G support, you do not need to look for a wifi access to use it. You can also use Kindle in 100 countries that has a supported wifi for Kindle. The battery last long and its memory can save more than 2500 books.

As a new invention Kindle has both good and bad points, which for sure its disadvantage points would be upgraded in the future.

Here are some good points about Kindle :

  1. You can download ans save your favorite books. No need space for books collection anymore.
  2. As wireless 3G gadget, you can find books where ever you are.
  3. You can get the best source of information Wikipedia, through its free wireless access.
  4. Before you decide to buy any book, you can read the 1st chapter free.
  5. It has the same size as a normal book.
  6. It is as good as a bookstore on selecting any book.
  7. Easy to carry and light weight.
  8. Can be turned to audio books with “text to speech” feature.
  9. Free access to listen to MP3, Google Maps and your email.

And some of the bad points are :

  1. Not fast responsiveness.
  2. No built-in Camera.
  3. Narrow screen compare to Ipad 2.
  4. Poor speaker quality.
  5. You have to pay extra for AC adaptor.

Anyway, Kindle is awesome for reading gadget. You can save time and money on getting any books you need.

Kindle prices range from $ 79 to $ 199 in the market starting from simple Kindle, Kindle touch, Kindle 3G, Kindle DS and Kindle Fire.

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