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Nikon L810 - A Great Lifestyle Camera
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Nikon L810  -  A Great Lifestyle Camera

Nikon have been known as one of the leading camera makers in the world. They has recently released its newest model of a mega-zoom digital camera. The Nikon L810 offers the user a 26x optical zoom that can accurately capture the small details of various objects. Aside from its long range zoom, this camera is also known for its easy use. In fact, many photography bloggers and experts have judged this camera as an uncomplicated and basic point and shoot digital camera. Truly, although it does not offer all the high-tech specs and features of mid-ranged DSLRs, this camera has all the basic necessities of a quality digital camera offered at a reasonable price.

Consumers that are just looking for a basic digital camera to carry around trips and social events will enjoy the Nikon L810. Weighing 15 ounces and measuring around 4.43x3.1x3.3 inches, this camera has a 16 megapixel capability with a 3-inch LCD screen. The storage media of this camera is through an SD card and it runs on 4 AA batteries that have the capacity to shoot up to 300 shots. The batteries can be changed to lithium ion batteries or rechargeable ones in order to increase the number of shots.

With regard to its many shooting functions, the Nikon Coolpix L810 features 2 Auto modes namely the Easy Auto and the normal Auto mode. The Easy Auto lets the camera categorize the scene one is about to shoot and adjusts the settings accordingly, whereas the normal Auto mode allows a bit more freedom to the user by allowing him or her to change the white balance and ISO settings, among others. Aside from the Auto modes, the camera also offers four different digital effects such as the sepia, vivid, black and white and the cyanotype. There are also 16 different scene selections to choose from. Some examples are sport, portrait, landscape and panorama. When shooting objects it is recommended that one sets the ISO at less than 200 because the sharpness starts to deteriorate at more than 200.

Though many tech bloggers have commented that the Nokia L810 does not perform well when in low light and when capturing moving objects, many users are still satisfied with the basic capabilities of this camera. If one is just looking for an inexpensive camera that can easily take decent quality photos while traveling or while just having fun with friends without the hassle of constantly adjusting the settings, then this camera is worth the purchase.

This Camera offers the user a 26x optical zoom that can accurately capture the small details of various objects, and it has all the basic necessities of a quality digital camera offered at a reasonable price. If one is just looking for an inexpensive camera that can easily take decent quality photos while traveling or while just having fun with friends without the hassle of constantly adjusting the settings, then Nikon L810 is worth the purchase.

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