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Panasonic Lumix Camera - The Simple Facts
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Panasonic Lumix Camera - The Simple Facts

Are you aware that many of the most popular digital cameras available today have problems in 3 common areas? Did you know that Lumix Digital Cameras came out way ahead of the competition in these areas?

When we purchase something, obviously we expect it to work and work well. Just like the manufacturer said it would. Unfortunately and way to often, that is not the case. Cameras, Cars, TV's etc., we've all had problems with expensive purchases. How good it would be to know beforehand what the real truth is about a certain product before we buy. Now we can, at least with digital cameras.

The simple truth is, that with many digital cameras available today, you may disappointed to learn, can give you less than perfect results. You may be buying blurry, grainy pictures and a camera that won't do well in low light conditions. Or, you might have hoped to take a few action shots only to learn that your new camera speed is too slow to capture anything moving. Okay, so maybe your digital camera does not have these problems. Does your camera "hold-up" well? Or are you having some "mechanical problems"? Any of the above issues and you are not going to have a good "picture taking" day.

I have found 2 outstanding, user friendly and highly rated cameras that will give you much better odds for avoiding the above mentioned problem areas.

The Simple Truth is that a Lumix Digital Camera by Panasonic has some of the best credentials on the market. Winning the "Most Reliable Camera Award" several years in a row and aging just recently. There will be less for you to worry about your camera "breaking" on you at a critical time.

The two cameras that came out way ahead of other cameras in the same category are:

1. The Lumix LX5

2. The Canon SX30 IS

Both of these cameras will go a long way in reducing the 3 common problem areas found in other cameras. And, you can't just go on the price of a camera. Although, as a general rule the higher priced digital cameras will "operate" better than the cheaper or lesser quality digital cameras, even some of the more expensive cameras can still have problems with low light, slow speed and image quality.

The Lumix Digital LX5 and the Canon SX 30IS cameras both will perform very well in Low Light conditions, both have sufficient Speed for you take "moving" pictures and the Image Quality of their finished pictures have been described as Beautiful and Outstanding. Sharp and Clear without any "grainy" and "blurry" look.

The Canon SX30 IS is a Mega Zoom that you have to see to believe what it's capabilities can do for your pictures and the Video also comes with Stereo Sound. It is one of the fastest growing digital cameras in popularity today.

The Panasonic Lumix Camera, LX5 was professionally rated at #2 out of 89 in all major categories for it's class. It has been on many of the most popular lists and tops in "review" sites for a long time.

Both of these cameras will provide you with reliability, good speed and most importantly, years of great quality, sharp, beautiful pictures.

Finding a good and reliable digital camera doesn't need to be confusing or hard if, you know ahead of time what to look for. A Panasonic Lumix Camera will make your next camera purchase the correct one.

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